Cambrian Patrol

Will be doing Cambrian in October. Can anyone who has done this give me some advice on what I should be preparing on and anything that might help me not get killed when I'm there.
Without knowing your background apart from that you are perhaps in the Int Corps i can offer you what i learnt from doing the second TA phase as part of an UOTC patrol last year.

Preparation needs to obviously be both physical and academic. Physically, it is good idea to begin to get used to carrying weight on your back and wearing the boots you will use. The obvious thing to do is to start with a relatively light bergan and then gradually build it up. As i only wear my boots on drill nights and weekends when we are on exercise, i began to wear my boots everyday which toughened my feet up no end which prevented any blisters on the patrol. According to members of our patrol who had done several other Cambrians, last years was unlike any they had done where it was more like tabbing point to point with fewer stands than previous years.

Academically, you will need to learn the weapons, mines and vehicles list that are given out with the Joining Instructions. We had the usual Russian stuff to learn. You need to ensure that eveyone is familiar with their recognition as the people required to do this task were picked at random.

Practice river crossings, in a swimming pool first to refresh memories and then perhaps a couple in a river for good measure. Revise the format for patrol orders, model making and patrol reports.

Ensure that everyone in the patrol has a high level of map reading. We had awful weather on the weekend that we did it with horizontal rain on the black mountains that saw many a team bin it. At some points the visibility was down to 20m.

The team that you do it with ought to be people you know both personally and as well as the level of their abilities to ensure that you don't get into arguements whilst on the patrol.

Some practice on section attacks wouldn't go amiss as well as refreshing signals knowledge and having two competent signallers on the patrol. We had intermittent comms for most of the exercise which was infuriating.

My memory is a bit cloudy of Cambrian last year but i hope this provides you with a starting point. I am sure there are many others who will be willing to add to what i have written (especially those in the Regular Army).

If you want any other info that i may be able to help with please do not hestitate to PM me.
Thanks for that PM, very useful. I will be doing it as TA aswell. What kind of distances were you covering in the phase that you did?
Someone did an extensive piece on this about a year ago, the guy was ex D.S for the comp and VERY switched on, showing every dirty trick and ins and outs of it. Use the search tool and im sure it'll turn up. Probably in the Infantry forum. Cheers easy!
if your going to practisce river crossing makes sure you have safety sorted .Our unit nearly lost two very good soldiers several years ago in a very embrassing way .Being rescued by a mod police patrol boat dosent do your credbility any good :lol:
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