Cambrian Patrol

Discussion in 'OTC' started by baseline, Nov 21, 2010.

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  1. Long time poster, finally after some specific advice.

    I have been pinged to look into puttign a team for CP 11. I am doing the research and looking for all the advice and knowledge i can find.

    Thought i'd pop this thread in here as well considering you guys always seem to do quite well. I have bene aksed to look into putting a team together...

    What i really want to know is what training you conducted, really everything you did leading up to the exercise itself. How long, where, how you selected, and any sort of yardsticks... ie what sort of speeds/ distances/ times you were covering, skills and drills etc.

    Any help or advice much appreciated!


  2. For the selection my lot do a infantry CFT, which has a dual purpose. Firstly is obviously to select but more that it shows everyone that it is not all glamour, and to give an indication of what will be required. A cheeky stretcher race might be attached as well.

    For the build up we do a two week camp, which is a very long time, however OTC’s are going from a much lower standard that others. That consists of a training phase, an ex(as near Cambrian as pos), another training on points raised from the ex and then another ex. Mostly though its about getting the guys used to carrying the weight (85 pounds approx) for long periods and operating in a recce environment. A good couple of speed marches are thrown in, with casvacs at choice times.

    the lessons are just on Matts to a high standard. Your best bet is to get someone who has done the patrol before and get them to go through what they did. In general its contact drills, river crossing (do it at night/ when moral is lowest, that where it will be on the patrol), medical, signals, POW handling and CTR.

    Get your mind in the DS mindset, and realise what limits them. If your seen/chased outside sennybridge just run, they will find it hard to work out what callsign you are. You can take more risks on the recce for the same reason. Uniformity and professionalism go a long way, don’t mong in front of the DS and get your kit looking good. If you turn up with horizontal roll matts, pouches unfastened and dust covers open you will be on a one way trip to a certificate, make it look good.
    Get a chatter in your section loaded with moral + cigs.

    The DS on the stands could have been there for a couple of weeks and will be glad of someone chatting, try and get out information such as next stand. There is a time and a place though, usually after the assessment. Don’t come out of “character” at the wrong time. Cambrian is a competition and treat it as such. Small things like writing patrol reports in the FRV and sacking off stag can go a long way to keeping you ahead. Realise what risks you can take, and always ask yourself “will the DS know?”.

    Most importantly though get a group of guys who are dedicated, OTC’s don’t do so well because of some super secret, they do so because they genuinely care and work hard. Get the guys used to carrying weight and enlist the help of a ex-patrol member to guide you.

    Any questions just ask
  3. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Good advice above. I did it in 1977 with Liverpool OTC. We finished bang in the middle of the field, but in front of 42 Cdo RM, which pleased us no end.
    Physical fitness is crucial, weight carrying endurance, speed marches, boot fitness (no short-cuts here obviously). Keep training on the military skills. The ability to keep morale up when exhausted, wet and cold.
    What's not to like?
  4. I ended up as a reserve, but possibly the most useful bits of kit I carried during the training were zinc oxide tape and ibuprofen gel. Zinc oxide is a given, but brufen gel is a largely undiscovered gem. In the time it takes you to powder your feet you can bring down swelling around all your hot spots and pre-emptive use of zinc oxide tape keeps the blisters away.

    Small point, but I found it very useful. You can get it in boots for a few quid a tube.
  5. I also did it with LUOTC in 1977 but i'll be buggered if I remember where we came