Cambrian Patrol

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by baseline, Nov 21, 2010.

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  1. Long time poster, finally after some specific advice.

    I have been pinged to look into puttign a team for CP 11. I am doing the research and looking for all the advice and knowledge i can find.

    I have researched plenty into the actual patrol; trawled through Arrse, PXRs etc.

    What i really want to know is what training you conducted, really everything you did leading up to the exercise itself. How long, where, how you selected, and any sort of yardsticks... ie what sort of speeds/ distances/ times you were covering, skills and drills etc.

    Any help or advice much appreciated!


  2. Amazing patrols comp. Competed 3 times got gold/silver/gold. Mostly it depends on your units skill base and experience. Military skills should be at a high level. If you can get down to Brecon or you know the area, that makes all the difference.

    We found professional foreign units in rag as brecon weather took them by surprise along with the terrain.

    If your an Inf unit go for the top spot. If your other arms initially go for the experience then smash the next one after lessons learnt.