Cambrian Patrol Orders

Please help!!
A few weeks ago, okay 2 weeks to be precise we decided to get a team together to compete in the Cambrian Patrol, total madness I agree but besides requiring a minor miracle I need a massive favour. It's now been quite a few years since I did any real green stuff so I'm pleading from your goodselves to help me with some very important information. If anyone out there as any pre- written orders, actions on ect ect saved to a hard drive or on disc which I could dissemenate, please if you could spend just a couple of minutes & e-mail any relevant information which may assist a crazy bunch of loonies then It'll be very appreciated in deed.

My e-mail is the following,

Once again your help and assistance in this matter is very much appreciated,

Many Regards,



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Is PERSEC a dirty word in your house?

Using your army number as your e-mither addy?

Best of luck in the wilds of Wales.
msr who is that bird in your avatar?
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