Cambrian GOLD

A first for the Corps - 1 MI Battalion team got a GOLD medal - huge well done - now anyone know where I can get a new set of feet?????
yeah, while you were swanning around Wales being busy looking good, some of us were doing it for real..guess what? they had real bullets too!

Well done!
My feet hurt from just supporting them - the main team put the max effort in and many are just back from ops - in all a months preparation so a fantastic achievement
Got a Silver in '91 myself, so well done. I know how hard it is to convince the 'non-infantry' types that 'Inty' types can compete in a soldiering competition.

Nice one.
1 MI Bn got a new Framed Picture to celebrate the event signed by the Brigadier, can take a piccy if anyone want to see it
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