Discussion in 'RAC' started by 02FD11, Nov 20, 2012.

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  1. To all those serving and those who have served - have a good Cambrai

    Fear Naught
  2. Is Cambrai Welsh for Christmas?
  3. Still hung-over from Cambrai Ball with 4RTR, York Bks Munster 1980!
  4. Still hiding from 4RTR after 12 Armd Wksps retaliated by painting huge letter 12's all over your vehicles on the tank park in 92 in Imphal Kaserne, we were warned the jocks were coming to paint Mercer Jockanese so thought we would start the fight :).
  5. Happy Cambrai
  6. Still doing the extras!
  7. No, I was a guest (AAC) but this has got to be the best mess do I have ever attended - great bunch to live/work with.
  8. That was an exclamation mark at the end, not a question mark.

    I'm still doing the extras from that particular extravanza of fire barrow pyromaniacal excess.
  9. As the man in the orthopedic shoes said - "I stand corrected"