Cambrai Day

For those of you who matter, Happy Cambrai Day on this the 89th anniversary.

We're just heading off for our Drumhead service (minus drums but with a piper) out here in Iraq.

Happy Cambrai Day to you also, and all serving and ex tankies.
Gunfire suitably administered first thing this morning.

For gods sake keep your heads down out there !!

Happy Cambrai to one and all,

Did Gunfire for the people I work with in Kuwait this morning. Re-educated attached Navy, RAF and other Services on the real way to start the day.

Who said Kuwait was dry?

Cowhead tell your SSM to give me a call when he gets his weekend trip down South.
Best wishes to all on this 89th anniversary of the battle of Cambrai.

I'm afraid that us civvies have had to do without gunfire. Stay safe Cowhead and all of 'H'

Fear Naught
Enjoy and respect! Don't drink too much lads ands from an ex 3rd, stay safe and behave! :wink:
Cowhead said:
For those of you who matter, Happy Cambrai Day on this the 89th anniversary.

We're just heading off for our Drumhead service (minus drums but with a piper) out here in Iraq.

To you and our lads out in Iraq, have a safe Cambrai...
Keep safe one and all.

I had to have brandy in my tea, no rum in the house.

Happy Cambrai Day.
Can't not say Happy Cambrai with a log on like mine now can i???? Shame the AAC don't have a clue what it means and there just aint enough of us to educae them. Stay safe in the sandpit fellas!
SPECIAL ORDER, NO. 6. to the Tank Corps from Brigadier HUGH ELLES Commanding - November 19, 1917

1. To-morrow the Tank Corps will have the chance for which it has been waiting for many months, to operate on good going in the van of the battle.

2. All that hard work and ingenuity can achieve has been done in the way of preparation.

3. It remains for unit commanders and for tank crews to complete the work by judgment and pluck in the battle itself.

4. In the light of past experience I leave the good name of the corps with great confidence in your hands.

5. I propose leading the attack of the Centre Division.
to all the tankies past and present in afghan or iraq we will never forget the sacrifices of the men before us or the ones to follow forever green
oh and by the 20nov1917 it takes only one tankie ex or present to educate a petrol pigeon see u in a couple of years if the wife forgives me
My account (for the 1 RTR reunion website) of the RTR parade in London on Sunday 19th November 2006.

Left Poole at 5.20am by coach and arrived at Victoria Coach station at 0830hrs. My first thought was were the hell is whitehall from here. As a map reader and navigator of class 1 standard I began to walk and reached the cenotaph by 9.15. Contingents of both 1 & 2 RTR were present as were about 300 ex members. We assembled on Horse Guards Parade I was next to Brigadier Maxwell who was CO of 1 RTR when I joined the regiment. Had a chat with him (the first in 33 years since my initial 30 seconds with him on my first day in Osnabruck).

For Mick Bell!!! Brigadier Maxwell sends his regards.
Also met Ron Kischuck ex 2 RTR who I knew at JLR. He sends best wishes to Mick Bell, Dave Henly & Oggy Sanders

So at 11am with Gen McAfee & the RTR band in the lead and standards just behind off we went the old and bold so far back it was hard to keep in step. The road had been sealed off with police checkpoints at either end and armed police on the rooftops. Such is life in the UK today. We halted or in many cases simply came to a stop by the cenotaph where we held the service of rememberence to the fallen of the RTR.

The parade then marched past the cenotaph to "my boy willie". I had goosepimples all over, I was as proud as punch to be among such a band of bretheren. I spotted Mick Everton and Dave Roberts in the crowd then we turned into Whitehall crescent just as Lippe Detmold was played by the band, Goosepimples 2 the sequel began, I was marching on air it was brill!!. We halted and were fell out by the RTR memorial (the 5 man tank crew statue).

I then caught the bus with Daz Logan to the service in the regimental church and then went to the Vintners reception where the officers were gathering. I was there because the RTR Association AGM was being held there at the same time. 2 glasses of red wine helped me through the meeting and then I, the president of the Nottingham Branch and one other hijacked the bus outside to take us to the barley mow pub where everyone else was gathered. On route my mobile rang with Mick Everton demanding to know where I was. I got to the pub and WOW!!! It was wall to wall in regimental ties and had been since the parade ended. The place was heaving and the atmosphere just magnificent.

This was the first time I had ever been to the London Parade but it wont be the last. At 8pm Mick, dave and myself boarded the Poole train at Waterloo and promptly went into individual coma's. Well after 6 or 7 pints of "old speckeld hen" in only 4 hours I deserved some sleep.

A truly epic day.
By the way did you know there is a 3rd verse to "I vow to thee my country"?
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