Cambrai Day

"Please convey my warm thanks to the Colonels Commandant, Officers, Other Ranks and present members of the Royal Tank Regiment and the Regimental Association for their message of loyal greetings, sent on the occasion of the Ninety-Second Anniversary of the Battle of Cambrai.

As your Colonel-in-Chief, I much appreciate your kind words and, in return, send my best wishes to all those who are present on this most special anniversary".


"From the Colonel Commandant, the Deputy Colonel Commandants, Regimental Colonel, Regimental Secretary and all the staff at Regimental Headquarters to all serving and retired officers and soldiers of the Royal Tank Regiment, to wish you a highly successful and enjoyable day on the Ninety-Second Anniversary of the Battle of Cambrai. Fear Naught!"
Happy Cambrai Day. But, let us not forget why, there is a Cambrai Day. The day that truly heralded a change in the way Warfare would be conducted forever.

Yours Aye!!!!
Excellent....truly excellent!!!!! Glad to see the traditions upheld.............not sure about half naked blokes in bunke........................oh yes.......just remembered!!!!!
:clap: :clap: :clap:

Good lads.
Nice to see half my regiments possesions in those photos lol
Our forklift was locked up, jus a shame they all use same keys lol.


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Nice, Old school ! 19 REG RA got a shitty on.. the "CO's" parking sign we nicked was concreted in the ground...... "was" ;) Our RSM has spent all week apologising to the other units... Had to send work parties around to put up all the signs ! hahah knobbers..

Anyone else have any decent pix of past cambrai celebrations ?
Anyone else have any decent pix of past cambrai celebrations ?
No mate we were all too pissed!!
Anyone remember paying the RMP station ´a visit´with smoke&thunderflashes.Then the whole Regiment doing an eyes right on the march back after the DrumHead service the next morning!!?
Great times :D :clap:


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fallingplate said:
The first time I ever got bust was from a stunt pulled on Cambrai Day in the Box Factory in Cyprus back in 89, Oh, what memories :oops:
Think yerself lucky: at Sahagun in mmm 1979, somebody pulled a stunt and SIB were minutes away getting me six months in Colly for something I didn't do when the the guilty barsteward made a mistake and got caught by his troop sergeant
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