Camberley doorman abusing soldiers

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by knockknee, Mar 8, 2008.

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  1. Herweith self explanatory copy of my emails to Security Industry Assn and Surrey Chief constable:

    Dear Chief constable

    Herewith self explanatory copy of email to SIA re door supervisor licence holder in Camberley. I think there is a case for a licensing officer to call and offer suitable advice. I understand that his fellow bouncers (Afro Caribbeans I think) were appalled at his behaviour. He is provoking trouble. And he seems to have an attitude problem (perhaps you could deport him to Peterborough so he can spit on RAF ?)

    I wish to draw the conduct of a door steward to your attention. I will be copying this to Chief constable Surrey Police.

    My nephew is Staff PT Instructor at Sandhurst. A member of the elite Army Physical Training Corps with a foundational degree achieved as part of his PTI training.

    He tells me that he went out to Camberley to a club door of a club called QU-PASA with a Sergeant major of the APTC. The doorman asked if they were "Squaddies" and told them if so they could not come in.

    As I understand it the warrant officer offered the doorman ID card sight and assured him they would be no trouble.

    Having said that. This bouncer at Camberley sounds to me like he should have been arrested by Surrey Police at Common Law (provoking a breach of the peace) and (being a purist) he should have been charged with "Affording aid and comfort to Her Majesties enemies within and without her Realm" (A life imprisonable offence)

    Because (and I understand there were many witnesses) he apparently ranted in the public area in front of his club "Are your mothers proud of you murdering women and children, whenever I hear of one of you scum killed in Afghanistan I jump for joy"

    He is described as white in his forties thinning or balding hair perhaps silverish on colour and is thought to be the head doorman.

    I would ask you to investigate and perhaps to require him to re-take his training course as conflict resolution does not appear to be a strong point. Ideally if witnesses could be found his tendency to try to provoke violence should result in wihdrawal of his licence.

    The Army PTIs walked away from him.

    I know that I have only heard one side. But I think inquiry would verify the account given.

    Who knows by carrying out inquiry and taking appropriate action to advise or withdraw licence you could be saving him from a reaction he cannot handle one day ?
  2. Thats hearsay. You need the people involved to pursue the matter.
  3. Headlines: Squaddies get turned away from nightclub by uppity bouncer.

    Earth shattering.
  4. Current affairs seem to have gone down hill of late.

    Lots of frothing and foaming at stories of 'people' abusing soldiers in uniform, now of some white doorman in his 40s allegedly ranting at soldiers.


    I think snopes need to get onto these stories because they are getting kinda tedious.
  5. It is first hearsay and can be used as a basis to request investigation.

    I have an interest as it was me who invented the idea of door steward licensing. I was asked to open the correspondence by both our nephew and his mother.
  6. :D :D the doorman doesnt sound very bright ,situation could of been defused with some cleaver banter thrown back his way ,ie you should stop taking the roids mate they make your dick small ,smile and walk away ,works every time
  7. If an investigation is still pending, then why post it here?

    All you will get is alot of people going "right I am going to boycott xxx club" and "fucking lefty soap dodging bastard", etc.

    What if it didn't happen?
  8. it's a civvie cop matter, what are they doing about it??
  9. You have walked right into knocknee's trap, asking about what the police are going to do. Peruse some of his earlier postings/ramblings about the police, and you will get his general drift.

    Anyway Knocknee, in between inventing a cure for cancer and saving the world, it was nice to see you singlehandedly 'inventing' the SIA.

    Bore off. Please.

    Liked the line about the 'elite' APTC though :eek:
  10. You mean that this is the tw4t that costs me £245 every three years just for the pleasure of wearing a plastic card that is never damaged but still has to be replaced, when it would be quite adequate to use the same one, just supply updates to any change of info, which you have to do anyway or get your licence revoked. WANKER
  11. Knocknee, the Obersturmbannfuehrer of the Neighbourhood Watch Committee.

    Stand by your beds!
  12. yea i get that, but tbh surrey police deal with enough squaddies any day of the week. i dont know why they haven't looked into it as of yet. maybe you should have telephoned them and got a direct reply?? the numbers 08451252222 if you really fancy it??? just that the comment if anythin is rather out of order if it was actually true??