Camberley Door Steward to lose job

A little while back I started a thread on the subject of a door steward who allegedly screamed at squaddies calling them "baby killers" etc

It is a well done to Surrey Police to whom I reported.

As I understand it he will not be losing his SIA licence but is unlikely to work on doors in that area again.
Good job.

A gentleman of Muslim faith, perchance?
Bravo_Bravo said:
Good job.

A gentleman of Muslim faith, perchance?
BB his ethnic origins are not the issue here, the problem was his attitude to the Forces. Anyone who abuses Service personnel, whatever their ethnic background should be dealt with as severely as the Law allows.
Apparently he is English white and his more courteous colleagues are West Indians.

Have to be careful as the Army Officers who were his alleged victims (including of alleged assault) in the end would not give evidence I understand.

So in my opinion Surrey Police did a good job of licensing policing to achieve the result ....
Bravo_Bravo said:
Good job.

A gentleman of Muslim faith, perchance?
FFS, he might be a Paki, but he also might be white and choose his faith. I didn't choose to be CofE, but it's better than being ginger and a left footer.

I grew up (I refuse to grow up) in Liverpool where I was most grieved to find that the fucking Orange Lodge got a day off to bang their fucking drums and sing - and they got to go to Southport.

Sorry if I offended anyone.

Sluggy xxx
There are a few on the threads who don't like my history of complaining against police.

So it really pleases me when, without the statistic of an arrest, Surrey did the bizz.

What I will do (as I did with Burslem Police the night of the Asian v white violence in Cobridge a couple of years ago) is I make a small donation to the hospice, send an SAE with the donation and a Thankyou Card and the charity forward the receipt and Thankyou card to the person whose efforts I wish to acknowledge.

The Camberlet licensing officer is a Woman Sergeant and she will shortlly be getting a Thankyou card containing a recipt from the Douglas MacMillan Hospice.

I do it as my own award scheme just to record Thanks to people (like a phramacist who dealt with some of the shoplifting pals of the girl she has to watch using the methadone .. as soon as she is watching the druggie the others are off shoplifting.)

Best wishes
Bravo_Bravo said:
just curious, is all.
Mummy's little trooper has JPA. Get his Regi number and I will find him. Purely for our interest of course.

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