Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by dhobidust, Jan 7, 2012.

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  1. After someone posted about this site I went and had a browse, Very interesting although you could spot the video's. However found one young (33) lass who seemed in good order she even added me as a friend, god help her, I have chatted to her on skype a few times and she seems very nice and has put out on said skype for free no tokens requested. All my instincts are screaming "watch it!!careful shes a slag wants to screw you literally" what do you lot of dirty bastards reckon? Go for it or bin it?
  2. I have seen Cam4, you can get almost every type of sexual perversion on there, as you say there are videos, but some of the live stuff can be quite entertaining!
  3. Not viewed Cam 4 much, but "Myfreecams" is entertaining. Something for everone!

    How did you manage to get a girl to Skype with you?
    What do you mean "go for it"? You planning to meet up?
  4. Go and meet her. Just leave the van parked around the corner.
  5. witty chat and debonair good looks, a meet could be a possibilty but a bit remote
  6. Go for it, what you got to lose.
  7. Be careful for what you wish for - mad bitch/stalker as in the 'serious' stuff not the piss-take stuff.
  8. Start telling her you're a dolphin trainer/jet pilot/astronaut.
  9. She's not in Romania or Columbia then?