Cam net cage for top of Beford cab.

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by newy921, Mar 14, 2007.

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  1. We had ours removed the other year as someone claimed it was an illegal mod. I heard a rumour of some official issue ones. Has anyone got an NSN??
  2. Bundle it up in the hessian " sock " on the cab roof then secure it all down with either ratchet straps or the cheapo ones used for securing the rear seats when not in use....

    job done..
  3. We are the most professional Army in the world....

    ...and the best we can do is bungee it down!!!

    If push comes to shove we can just make some more, but if anyone has the NSN for the issue ones it would be much appreciated.
  4. ....and the point of the cupola with the GPMG mount would be for what?
  5. We have one GPMG for the entire Btn, not much chance of it getting mounted on my cab.
  6. Yeah Ok then. but as sods law is so aptly named when you mount the cage you will need the cupola uncovered for said GPMG.

    Alternately why not put the cam net on the canvas right behind the cab and use ratchet straps to secure it.

    We do this to a cam net for 2 18 X 36's 2 Dafs and staff sleeps. So bridges present no major problem. Though if you seen a Div HQ setup you would thinks its Billy Smarts Circus with the amount of camming up we gotta do. Even the Porta Loos.

    Yup you guessed it Royal Corps of Signals. Love it!!!
  7. Dont ask me what the NSN is, but Scaley Radio Relay wagons have a cage that fits behind the cab to stow bits of scam 12 etc,should take your cam nets at a squeeze
  8. No. Still wrapped around the Scam 12 and snaked across the top of the wagon tied down with ratchet straps. Cage is full after the legs for the 3 masts go in. Cant fit them in the back as the XBox and TV and PS2 take up the room.

    But you don't have Mast legs do you!! Duh. Still may be a V. tight fit though.
  9. Even if you do get hold of the cage & fit it, it will still be an unauthorised modification. :frustrated:
  10. The new Support Vehicles have a Camnet holder/tray behind the cab for this very problem. It also fits in the poles etc and has straps to keep it all in!
  11. surely if its in a cage, all you have to do is lift it out to unroll it?

    We used to just fold back the front and back "spare" so it covered the canvas and roll up the sides in the hessian skirts and attach those to the side boards...hey presto, less stress and 5 extra minutes in your gonk sack

    the cab hessian just got folded and stuffed in behind the drivers seat

    The wonderful days of being "light role" as a field troop in the Engineers.... interior of the robert redfords looked like a Gypsies caravan.
  12. ...And come your next ECI, you'll be tabbing in front of your CO for being the cnut who got the unit a RED for illegal mods.

    By the way, don't your unit SOPs have provision for air sentry / top cover? Why are you storing your camnet on top of the cupola cover?

    Bungees or ratchet straps on the canopy work for the rest of the Army, so stop whining; this isn't an episode of "Pimp My Bedford".