Cam Cream

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Praetorian, Jun 23, 2008.

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  1. Best way to get it off anyone? Its an absolute cunt, and Ive spent many wasted minutes fucking around with wet wipes or water and a messtin in the morning, removing half my face in the process.

    Any gems out there?
  2. Assuming this is a serious question, use Nivea face cream 1st then put on cam-cream. When it comes to removing it comes off easier. In todays uber modern man, you will get away with having girly face cream in your bergan.....maybe!!
  3. Make up removing pads used to work quite well, again with CH5120's caveat still applicable!
  4. If you're tabbing anywhere, using a barrier cream will just cause it to sweat off in minutes few. It's sticky for a reason.
  5. I wonder if nail polish remover would work? I've never tried it, but just a suggestion..
  6. Nivea would be better to remove it, should come off easier with that and a dry tissue/cloth

    I suggest you have a 'dry' run before application in the field!
  7. DO NOT use nail-polish remover. It's acetone, which is a solvent and also hygroscopic. So not only will it remove all the protective oils off yer grid, it'll also absorb any moisture present.

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  8. Baby wipes, had it plastered on me before, cloth soaked in warm soapy water then scrub for about 30 secs will get most off then use baby wipes to get rest off - just watch the eyes because it runs like fcuk and if you get it on your eyelashes, your eyes are going to be watering for about 2 weeks non stop :)
  9. I find that applying shower gel and then rather than washing it off wiping with a towel/flannel removes it quickly and with out much bother.
  10. been told but not tried 50/50 no more tears /baby oil, a truseted source
  11. Mums clean white towel always did the trick when I was a cadet
  12. Whats cam cream?
  13. As I was leaving the Infantry, I came up with a solution with regard to removing cam cream. It's simple - don't put any on!

    Instead, make a stocking mask. You can colour it and add scrim so that you get a better effect than cam cream. Also it will keep the small beasties from feeding on your face.

    For ops, use silk rather than nylon, just in case of burns.
  14. Going on the theory that its made by max factor I use make up removal wipes.
  15. Nivea make-up removal wipes; very good at cleaning anything, but expensive, so nick them off 'er indoors, rather than buying them yourself :D
    Otherwise, shaving works quite well.