Cam cream remover

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by littlenickoutthere, Jul 16, 2008.

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  1. Just getting the kit together for basic in a couple weeks and i recall seeing some stuff in a small bottle sold from the PRI shop in lichfield that was pretty good at getting the cam cream off quickly(at least alot better than baby wipes or scrubbing the top layer of your skin off). Anyone know what the stuff is and where i can get some before heading off in a couple weeks time?
  2. It's like make up remover, but non perfumed and bottled up to look ally - stick wi wet wipes.
  3. Just buy an unperfumed make up remover. Getting it out of the ears and eyebrows was always the most difficult bit!

    For inspection - Port Ears!
  4. You people take your cam cream off?!?!?! What's wrong with you guys?!?!?!
  5. i just have flashbacks of coming in from an exercise and hearing 'get in the showers and wash all that f*ckin cam off your face, back outside in ten minutes' cue the frantic sprint to the showers and painful scrubbing of your face leaving it raw as f*ck
  6. Really? What the hell were you using as cam cream? Road tar?
  7. Soap (if you have any), water (if you have any to spare) and a little effort.

    Easy peasy.

  8. felt like it, really thick and the stuff just wouldnt come off
  9. Hahahaha!...MAN UP! Cam cream remover, by L'Oreal is it?...soap and hot water never hurt anyone!

    Conversely you know you have to warm cam cream up a bit to get it to smudge properly? Try it in reverse, it DOES work.

    Mind you the first stuff I ever used was made by Mary Quant and used to come off or dissolve when you began to sweat! (Anyone remember the little pots of brown stuff with a Yellow label??)

    The next was so bloody hard that you had to use a Zippo to melt it to get it on!
  10. After growing up with the old cam sticks that looked like dog poo, the stuff we use at the moment is a piece of cake to remove if put on right in the first place.

    But that said i always have baby wipes in my bergan for removing it.
  11. The stuff in the "huge toothpaste tube" type applicators was by Max Factor so who knows?

    Those two-tone push up stick ones were murder in cold weather. The issue stuff was best. Anyone ever use burnt cork? ;)
  12. Most efficient post exercise cam cream cleaner I found was Head and Shoulders shampoo. Very little scrubbing required and could do the 10 minute turn around easily. This was in the days on the brown gloop before it was banned ;-)
  13. For truly, all that 'Glitters' is not gold.

    D'you think I'm hanging around for a taxi with this mob after me?
  14. Use a half decent face make-up foundation cream then cam cream on top and at close of play comes off easy!
  15. Swarfega - and don't forget inside your ears