Cam cream, redundant cold war doctrine ?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by polar69, Sep 2, 2011.

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  1. The armed forces have come on a bit since I joined, we no longer have puttees or the SLR and tin helmet. Uniform has gone from wooly pullies and denims to combat95 and now PCS is either on issue or just around the corner.

    Military doctrine has changed from the Cold War warrior bolstering the Berlin Wall against the Reds to being in the sandpits of Iraq and then onto the hell of Afghanistan, a hell thats constantly in our homes on the tv or, worse still, because you or I or our loved ones stand a reasonable chance of going there.

    When I was a recruit we were taught the importance of camouflage, the 4 S's, Shape, Shine, Shadow and Silhouette. Every exercise featured troops covered in local trees and cam cream.

    And thats my question, every news bite from Afghanistan, every clip that shows servicemen out on patrol, every programme that features our brave lads and lasses.............non of them wear cam cream.

    Is it because Afghanistan is mainly a sandy coloured dust bowl ? Maybe, but what about the green zone, what about night ops.

    Is cam cream redundant or was it simply part of the preparation for war, like the picts painting themselves blue or the sioux putting white lines on their faces.
  2. There were a few more 'S's' then you seem to remember and have you ever tried to apply digicam cream??? Nightmare! ;-)
  3. You would sweat it off before you even got to the fob entrance!
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  4. I think we carry so much kit, make so much noise and patrol is such a way and never have to hit the deck and wait for an enemy patrol to pass to justify the use of cam cream anymore. Taliban like to blow us up, not engage us like we've all been taught in basic training. And even if they do engage us in more of a conventional manner, we can't maneuver against them like we've been taught anyway!
  5. Considering the ANA still teach the ANA the use of cam cream I think it's still a valid concept.
  6. Does that include makeup on Thursday?
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  7. We used cam cream on H6, though only at night. It did seem pretty pointless though as we wore sand coloured body armour that stood out a mile in the greenzone when seen through nvgs
  8. Oh god, man love Thursday. The dirty flip flop bastards
  9. Seriously though, I've seen a recentish pic of a late Sgt of Aus SF cammed up in Afg. I don't know of the circs behind it, but cam cream appears to be in at least some use there.
  10. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Lots of stuff that gets taught as if it were engraved in stone goes out of the window as soon as you go bang-bang operational - I never used cam cream simply because I was so dirty that I didn't need it after two to six weeks in the bush on 3 liters of water a day. Wet wipe to stop crotch rot and some detergent to keep your hands clean so you didn't get the shits was about it really.

    Lots of the actual important stuff I learnt from rather eccentric Staff Sergeant who was sent home for a "rest" as he was behaving in a slightly peculiar manner.

    As for cam cream - the way I cammed up for night time listening post stag - fecking scary 300 meters from the laager - middle of someone else's country - was to use a black stocking with eye holes cut in it. Also made a rather Ally looking scarf!
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  11. One of the reasons it's not used is cos it's deemed as aggressive! Hearts n minds and all that!
  12. We are out on their home territory, the locals and dicking screen can see us coming for miles, so in these circumstances camming up your face & hands is a bit of a waste of time.

    Now if you were setting up a small OP covertly I could understand it.
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  13. Advent of PNG or IR is just as good a the power source, cam cream is still needed as personal camoflage should not be forgotten.

    In saying that though scrim on helmet versus foliage ?
  14. you have written well, !!
  15. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    ****, were you in a Provisional ASU on the mainland ?