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Looking for a bit of advice on here, as I know most questions can be answered on here, however accept that this may be a little specialist.

Other half got her cam belt on her Honda Civic changed at a local garage (I know, I did tell her to use her dealer) today and when she got home she complained that it had no power and didn't sound right. I initially thought it might just be the ECU that needs to recalibrate itself slightly however after taking it for a short drive the little amber engine warning light has also come on indicating that something a little more serious is amiss.

The garage was shut by this point so I have advised her not to drive it until Monday and then to take it back to the garage, but does anyone on here have any pointers on here as to what this may be so that I have some extra ammunition when it comes to speaking to the (so called) mechanics?. I thought that it might be the timing that is slightly out but I have to say that I am a little ignorant of these things and even if it was I can see these guys arguing that it is something else.

Any help would be gratefully received.

Don't drive it. Is the garage not open Sat morning, any mobile contact number?

Maybe MM is right, I'm just a little nervous with cam belts, too many big bits rely on it.

Don't go in too hard on the local garage, it may be something simple.
Yeah agree with the above too, Just read its a civic, although it's running without anything exploding currently, if it's a VTEC and you run it and the cams shift to vtec there's a lot more valve lead & overlap so you run the risk of some bent stems and broken ends. Personally I'd crank it around with a socket on the crankshaft and check if the timing marks line up properly, I'm sure the garage that did the work would be able to help you do this. (If it's a nice indy garage they might send someone out to check it, instead of having to take it to them.)


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Personally I'd crank it around with a socket on the crankshaft and check if the timing marks line up properly,

Good call, I hadn't given this one a thought as I was thinking more along the lines of the timing lamp to check this which I don't have.

Many thanks to all for your advice, I will check this in the morning and either way it is going back to the garage on Monday for them to sort as I think that they have put the belt on out of kilter.


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Spot on advice guys, I have just been out there with a torch and it is definitely a tooth out.

Many thanks for the pointers, it is greatly appreciated.


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Hope the problem is sorted. Am I alone in missing push-rods and the joys of adjusting tappets with a feeler gauge? ******* timing belts.
Praise the lord of engines that yours isnt a diesel, you would be into some serious expense by now if it was.

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