Calzaghe wins!

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Devil_Dog, Apr 20, 2008.

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  1. A true champion by any description.

    He showed grit and tenacity.

    Great fight. Great champion.
  2. He made hard work of it though. Probably be a re-match.
  3. the boy done good
  4. well done that man.
  5. well done, the guy did good, bring on the knighthood.
  6. I dont think Calzaghe will be in a hurry for a rematch after that. He'll probably just go for the big pay day against Roy Jones jnr in Cardiff and avoid Pavlik like the plague.
  7. Yeah, surely he's at LEAST as accomplished in his field as Steve Redgrave, Kelly Holmes and Ellen McArthur. Surely he deserves the same recognition. And just like those three, he prefers the company of ladies. How come Clive Woodward got a knighthood for leading his team to a single world cup title, but Joe has been world champion for over a decade and is ignored? The sporting world has always been hypocritical. Mind you I'm surprised Paula "DS Watcher" Radcliffe hasn't been given her big gong yet. Stapled onto a big nappy.

    What a great fighter. Go Calzaghe, but don't stay in it too long!
  8. In my opinion Calzaghe should have one more fight and then retire. A fight with Jones in Cardiff would be a fitting ending to his career.

    I know Pavlik fights in June against another Welshman, Gary Lockett. However, I believe his promoter already has another fight lined up for him after that so I don't think Pavlik will be the next opponent. The only way it could happen is if Calzaghe drops back down to super-middle and Pavlik moves up a weight.
  9. whoever he fights the idiot should get his arse over here to fight not sit on his own throne gobbing off til the welsh thunder smacks him in his arrogant gob. world champ. you fecking come to my backyard!

    edited for sunday morning mong spelling!
  10. I'm not sure...
    Not to p1ss on his chips, Calzaghe is brilliant, a real champ but its a bit of a stretch to say he's AT LEAST equal to Redgrave...
  11. Was an oright fight, that ref is a total wnaker still think he was paid off during the hatton fight. also did anyone clock the commentator what a throbber saying some right shit stuff
  12. Delighted to respond to you and to quote your post.

    I agree with everything you say about Calzaghe. What a fighter!! I very much hope he won't take one fight too many.

    PS. He may be able to go to Las Vegas and BEAT one of the world's best ever, but he still wouldn't dare come five miles up the Western Valley to Abertillery on a Saturday night !!!

    PPS. For those who do not know the Western Valley, the above is a joke. :D
  13. Pack it in, everyone knows Saturday in Abertillery is Sh!te. Sunday's the best night by far. :D

    I'm glad he won, for Wales more than anything. Only thing is it just means his group of hanger ons (Macaranelli, Price et all) will all think they're chocolate too.