Calzaghe v Kessler 3/11/07

Taz_786 said:
Soldiers get free tickets.
Of course you think of yourself as one of the muslim terrorist jihadi soldiers don't you.
Calzaghe on points...
I wouldn't write the Dane off.......

Whoever wins it won't be a pushover

Ricky Hattons gonna get his cnut kicked through though.... I think
Thats why you aren't welcome in the Billiards hall.
Up until now I've watched Joe Calzaghe's fights on 'normal' TV or digital freeview - I don't have satellite or cable.

Knew this fight was coming up, got the TV supplement with my paper today - couldn't find what channel the fight was on - not in the time I have from bog to shower before work anyway.

Got home later - found it was on Sentana sports - knew you could pay for that - was/am prepared to.

But recently installed a new digibox with no card slot - still have the old box with one - found from the web that with my options - freeview only - I need a digibox with a card slot - am I going to re-install the old box and then get on the website and pay? Not now - by the time I sort it, it will be over.

Plus - earlier today I flicked to Sentana sports and it said "This is an encrypted channel" - no details there of how to un-encrypt it.

Later I tried again and got a picture - boxing - weehah - but then it went back to the blank screen with the message.

OK I'm a dinosaur - but I'm not the only one - lots will be missing out due to lack of promotion and build up on channels with high ratings.
I knew it was on Setanta but assumed wrongly it'd be on PPV as well. Get yourself down to a bar, im sitting in one at the mo. Live commentary on Five Live btw for those who cant get to a tv.
Taz_786 said:
Get yourself down to a bar, im sitting in one at the mo.
Liar, you're sitting with your fellow extremist splotting how to kill non muslims by bombing them.

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