Calzaghe still World Champion

How many saw Joe Calzaghe fight Bika last night?

A great 12 round scrap. Bika was interviewed on Five Live on Friday night and seemed typically confident for a contender. However, he is a strong fighter and I was surprised he lost the points decision by so much. IMHO I had him ahead in at least 8 of the 12 rounds and was then surprised the judges and commentators had Calzaghe ahead. Was I watching the same fight? All I remember seeing was Calzaghe getting repeatedly roughed up and taking more shots than he was giving though I wondered if his old hand injury was a problem, which later we discovered it was. Having said that, Calzaghe took everything as did Bika. Great fight.

Can Joe Calzaghe be beaten?
perhaps with a cricket bat, but without one i doubt it, not in the near future anyway.
he wasnt at his best last nite tho, it was a brawl, i think he was trying to prove something.

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