Calories and weight?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Howler, Jan 6, 2009.

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  1. I was discussing with my wife last night how many cans of 'Pilsner Urquell' I drank over the festive period and we came to a figure of about 50.

    If we take each can to be 250 calories, that makes 12500 extra over the 2 weeks.

    So how does that translate to weight?
    How many calories does it take to put on an extra kg? or doesn't it work like this? Assuming normal activity and food intake (Calorific output cancelling out calorific input) How much extra have I put on?

    I can't weigh myself as don't have scales.
  2. dont be so insecure. drink more beer and forget the calories.
  3. 1lb of fat is approximately equal to 3600 Calories, if that helps, so about 1.5Kg in your case.
  4. Thanks Zippy,
    Does that mean that if you consume 3600 calories you develop 1lb of fat?
    Sorry to put you on the spot.

  5. Lightweight.
  6. No.
  7. no...average male undertaking average daily activities requires approx 2500 kcals per day, any surplus or deficit kcals sustained over a periodof time will equate to a weight gain or loss of approx 3600kcals to +/- 1 pound...ergo all other things being equal four x 45 min runs a week equates to a weight loss of between 3-4llbs per week, combine this with a a calorific defecit of around 1000kcals per day will be another 2llbs
  8. the average squaddie requires 17.8 gallons of alcohol per week, failure to consume this amount will cause the individual to spurt out random factual comments and chunter about anything that stands out or that may be perceived as freedom of choice.
  9. JEP & DD
    If you read my OP you'll see that I'm not putting normal daily input and output into the equation, maybe I'm not being clear enough.
    I'm wading through last year's sales figures at the moment

    Let me start again....
    If you have a normal routine where your eating and exercising keeps you at a +/- level of zero and then have a holiday binge where you consume an extra 12500 calories, keeping your eating and exercising at the same level, how much does that translate to weight?
    We will assume that the eating and exercising carries on as normal, even though we know that's not the case, just for the purposes of this enquiry.

    As you suggest, about 3.5lbs or about 1.5kg?

    1kg =2.2lbs so 1kg is about 8000 calories?

    Am I right?
  10. umm.. only if you can run 1.5 minute miles... :? I'm guessing you mean that adding 4 runs a week will burn 1lbs of fat?

    Yep, that's about the size of it.
  11. All other things being equal the calories should translate into weight gain aside from i) the small loss in energy through the process of conversion, ii) the thermogenic effect of food - eating more causes you to burn more, iii) if you consume a huge amount of calories all at once some of it comes straight out your arse - get stuck into the all-you-can-eat and see undigested chicken pakora in the bog.

    But aside from these possibilities, other things being equal it converts to lard at about 4,000kcals a pound, I think.