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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by CrabfatBILL, May 23, 2013.

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  1. As the recommended calorie intake for a man is 2200 odd per day. Just under a hundred per hour. A notice in local swimming pool claims 20 lengths burns 350 in 30 minuets. Does this include the 40 odd for normal living or is it over and above i.e. 350 + 40 = 390 or 350 - 40 = 310 . This is vital information as it involves an extra half Kit-Kat.

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  3. Just asked the old man as he's a keen gym-goer and calorie counter. He says it is over and above the normal 40 cals for normal living but the swimming pool's claim is absurdly ambitious and you'd have to be super fit to burn off 350 cals in half an hour. He can just about manage to do this at the gym with his heart rate up at its absolute limit!

    Go on - just have the kit kat. You know you want to :)
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  4. Drivers_lag

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    That's a really girly way of doing it. Counting calories like that is a complete waste of time. The exercise gets you fitter and eating better adjusts your system - then your body will change and burn energy more efficiently.

    I'm gobbling about 3000 calories a day and losing fat, so just put the work in and eat good stuff - **** the calories, look long term and don't look at the scales.
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  5. Depends what sort of swimming you do, I'm ex competitive swimmer and a swim coach and it just depends what sort of swimming you do... And how hard you push yourself, just like anything else!

    Squash claims to burn nearly 1000 an hour....

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