Calm Down Dear

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by allgone2ratsh1t, Apr 28, 2011.

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  1. David Cameron has got all the equality feminist politically correct handbag sporting girlies and their Guardianista supporters ruffling their feathers for telling a female MP "Calm Down Dear" when she got her knickers in a twist when he was at the dispatch box when she spoke out of turn (typical woman interrupting a man). Was his comment out of order or funny?

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  2. It upset the "equality feminist politically correct handbag sporting girlies and their Guardianista supporters" and is therefore funny as f*&^!
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  3. It's neither out of order or funny, the bitches need to stop being so precious!
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  4. No.
    She should have been at home ironing anyway.
  5. Made me laugh when I heard it on the radio, typical overreaction by the lesbians though.
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  6. It was a mildly amusing homage to the obnoxious Michael Winner's insurance adverts.
    She needs to get a sense of perspective and stfu.
  7. she needs to get a serious grip. If this is the worst thing anyones going to say to her shes got off very lightly.
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  8. Just so we know who he was talking to -

    Got to say that calling that "Dear" means either he is blind or it should have been spelt "deer" and it should be allowed to be culled.
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  9. I thougth it was very funny, the PM should have said im the boss, im talking so sit shut up.
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  10. She looks like Michael Winner might have looked when he was a kid.
  11. So long as I live I will never take anything that Labour say or do seriously. They are quite simply a less intelligent species of human. I would know, until recently I was shagging one of their voters.

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  12. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    **** me she's got a face like Hitler when the gas bill came in

    Exact proof from Labour as to why this country went to the dogs underneath their stewardship
    Cameron should effect a Guy Ritchie style mockney accent for next time and hit her with "shut up you slaaaaaaggggg"
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  13. That's class! Will use that from now on! :-D

    I bet people are wondering what the **** I'm on about.
  14. Not everybody. It's good though. There'll be others...
  15. Well that's breakfast about to make a comeback again this morning, cheers! :pukel:
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