Calm down dear, Im just a ****

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by crabby, May 28, 2006.

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  1. Michael winner: BBC

    What a ****....
  2. I dislike the bloke intensely, but agree with his thoughts on the handing out of "honours".
  3. I don't know, it sounds like he's on to something there Crabby. I can't recall what what the England cricket team were awarded, but to be fair, it was only a game of cricket, I would've thought the ashes was award enough. Or Kelly Holmes being made a Dame.
  4. R-i-g-h-t... :roll:

    The man has ideas above his station, but I s'pose he has a point, when you consider that David Puttnam and 'Dickie' Attenborough were elevated to the Lords.
  5. He's a pompous arrse but he's a pompous arrse with some good points.
  6. ^ I agree.

    He's selectively quoted, I notice and his central point about the idiocy of the modern honours system is well-made.

    Mind you, the dinner ladies and whatnot who get OBEs deserve them more than the x-list "celebrities" who tend to get honours nowadays.
  7. Met him once when, IIRC Jane Seymour? Drove his Mercedes convertible into the back of my Saab in Chelsea back in 1988. It wasn't only a commercial then I can assure you, he went off on one at her. To be fair he paid up no problems and was very polite and courteous to me, more concerned that my friends and I were ok, which is more than can be said for the Merc.
  8. What's wrong with it? I dropped a suitcase full of used twenties at New Labour HQ and I'm now Dame DozyBint - works perfectly well as far as I'm concerned! :D
  9. He is a cnut of the highest order but I do agree with his points. These honours are being bandied about and when having known some recipients of mbe's, I do ask myself, what did they actually do to DESERVE them??

    Oh, Lt Cdr Jones RN-HM Forces gay rights campaigner. Of course you deserved yours.....
  10. If he'd quoted similar reasons to Benjamin Zefaniah for declining, then I'd sympathise. But it seems he has an overblown opinion of his own elevated status. And given that he's made a mess of a few posh polished porcelains in his time, following celebrity lunches and banquets, a very low opinion on the importance of clean toilets.

    I'd like to shove his face down a toilet recently splattered with his own putrid filth, and hold it there until he accepts his OBE. He deserves it and it deserves him.
  11. Smoke a bit of dope dear and have a Mars Bar. It worked for Mick Jagger. :lol:
  12. Fair play to him, you might not fancy a pint and a game of darts with him but his observations of the honours system aren't far off
  13. Who?

    INHO, for what its worth, his points are entirly vallied. Gongs get handed out left right and center to "celebraties" who are just doing their job
  14. The thing is though, toilet cleaners et al who do their thankless jobs day in, day out for 50 years without thanks or a decent wage and who never ask for either of them are those who should be honoured.

    Ok, so toilet cleaner's aren't the usual people, but carers, charity workers etc, or even people who do their jobs and live their lives above and beyond the call of duty are what the honours system are there to celebrate.

    Rather them than some pompous, egotistical, self-publicising celebrity with all of the societal contribution and artistic merit of a packet of shit-flavoured quavers, or the England cricket team.
  15. Well done Winner. I totally agree with you..