Calls Grow To Kick Convicts Out Of Army

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MOD_Oracle, Nov 7, 2005.

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  1. I always thoght that years ago it was offered to you as an option by the Judge... Jail or Army
  2. I think that their bitterness will go against them. How do they feel about convicted murderers such as members of PIRA, being released back into society without serving their sentences?

    It cuts both ways.

    I'm already fed up with the Deepcut parents who won't accept anything but the version they want to hear and this lot have now made their position very clear.
  3. The trouble is, in Tony Bliar's new NI utopia they may get their way.
  4. But presumably it's perfectly OK to serve as an MP...?
  5. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Perhaps the lady would like to reflect on why her "innocent" son, who was surely aware of the situation in NI, stole a car and ran an armed checkpoint.

    It is sad that he died but he died through stupidity and bravado and two young men had their lives ruined by his stupidity and their actions which seemed over zealous in the non-representative cool light of the court room.

    I have little sympathy.
  6. Fcuk sympathy............

    Exactly as stated above... what about terorrists serving as Ulster MP's and those convicted of terorrist acts being released early?

    This women needs to move on (and sharpish).

  7. Any different from shooting an unarmed drunk carrying a table leg/an unarmed 'suspect' naked in bed or a suspect bomber? Wait for the Finucane people to crawl out of the woodwork bleating on about human rights etc.
  8. At this moment in time, the time is right for all of these people to get on the compensation/get their own way bandwagons. Coming from a Republican area should we expect any less of these people. How would she have felt if her 'innocent' son had hurt or killed someone? Who would she blame then? Would she deny him the right to earn a living in his chosen profession? How wouls she feel about those who would?

    I suspect that not only is the time right for this individual, but it will also be right for those who wish to capitalise both financially and politically from it. and this whole charade will be driven by them. It should be treat with the contempt it deserves. They'll not be content until they get their way and Tony will probably support them.

    Well, his wife will at least.
  9. Probably urban legend. I'm not saying that if you were up before the beak for some misdemenour and your defence chappy told them you were thinking of enlisting that the beak wouldn't either let you off or treat you leniently. I simply don't believe judges in living memory had the option of jailing or joining.
  10. I used to work with a bloke who says that it was an option given to him a few years back, however the validity of it i am not certain.

  11. This is not an urban legend. I was in basic training with two blokes from north of the border who were given the option of prison of enlist. This was some years ago (1979) and I haven't met many of the same ilk in recent years.
  12. I suppose it's a form of "useful" community service...
  13. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    It pretty much died out in the late 70s however I have had to write a letter to the local court and police about 3 young men (15 years old) who were facing the beak.

    I wrote the usual guff about them joining the ACF and looking forward to serving their country in the army.

    It worked a treat, charges were dropped and they are all 17 now and have not been in trouble since.
  14. Its a great i dea instead of this community service which seems to serve no one!

    Sign them up for a compulsary 2 year stint and watch them reform or get a pace stick thrust in various orafices!"!!!