Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by HarrogateSeptember2006, Aug 18, 2006.

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  1. Interested in views on report in paper that Shadow-Home Seceratary has agreed with calls for disused MOD bases to be turned into jails. Reported by The Scum so im not sure i can trust it as much as i can wipe my arse with it... Apologise if i am mistaken or naïve... all urine removal welcome...

    Click here for Sun Story

    Edited: edited due to misinterpreting one possibilty
  2. Unlikely, they'd have to spend millions to bring them up to minimum human rights spec.

    Good idea though. Which one to choose - It's got to be cold and it's got to be wet. Pity Sennybridge and Otterburn weren't on the list.
  3. New Labour have created 3023 new criminal offences since 1979 and as a consequence of entering into macho politics over law and order issues it is hardly surprising that the prison population now stands at nearly 80,000. This figure does not include those of children. We imprison more children than any other country and have been roundly criticised by the UN for doing so.

    As a consquence, our prison population dwarfs the prison population of all other EU Countries.

    'Rebalancing the justice system' and subsequently, 'rebalancing the justice system in favour of the victim' are political soundbites which are code for manipulating the laws of evidence to secure easier convictions. As a result, we lock up people who should not be in prison at all.

    We lock up those on fixed incomes such as elderly who simply cannot afford to pay their council tax and we lock up single mum's who cannot afford to renew their TV licences, while at the same time allowing the social violence of the utility companies to raise gas and electricity prices that erode their limited incomes even further thus exacerbating the problem.

    This idea has 'Treasury' stamped all over it who believe that it is a cheaper option!

    If we did not have sub-standard law making and a punitive approach in legislating to regulate just about every aspect of life this would not be a problem.

    We need long term strategy and joined up thinking rather than more prisons.
  4. Is there any truth in the theory about bringing some of the prison ships back into service?
  5. I hope so. Or failing that, couldn't we export them to a large unused landmass? As Australia is now populated the South Pole looks like a winner.
  6. untallguy

    untallguy Old-Salt Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Hmmm - Hullavington and RAF Bicester being used as prison sites.

    Well, I can see 9 Supply Regiment RLC being a bit suprised to be told that all the Army uses Hullavington for is glider training!

    RAF Bicester - so this will be the third prison within 10 miles of Bicester (HMPs Bullingdon and Grendon being the others). Obviously, the 50-year old hangars will be suitable.
  7. But deamed fit enough for forces personel to live in!
  8. DM Dean Hill is now empty. Stick them all underground with the cattle grazing ontop!!!
  9. Im sure there are some suitable islands off the coast of Scotland!
  10. The penal reform cnuts won't stand for their lags being kept in conditions fit for mere squaddies. How will they plug in their Tellies and Playstations with only one plug per billet?

    they'll probably want four star hotels converted into prisons.
  11. Your suggestion may have some merit for those who want a ready-made, self-contained MOD unit that is currently for sale by the MOD.

    Check out the pictures and take the drive around this massive facility that is instantly available which should suit your requirements:

    Regards and best wishes
  12. There is a prison near me that is built on part of an old army camp. Unfortunately most of the nissan huts have been demolished and replaced by new cell blocks, apart from one or two that are deemed suitable as offices and the mess etc. Cold, draughty and falling to bits!
  13. Page not found!!!!

    My ex-in-laws lived right next to Dean Hill. An amazing place. here is a photo of No1 Magazine.

  14. How many lags could you fit inside one of these long storage magazines at Dean Hill!