Calling Sgts Mess Members in 16 Sig Regt

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by the_guru, Mar 14, 2007.

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  1. Is it really true about what I have been hearing about the CO's leaving gift to the Mess????
  2. Oh do please tell, I wont spoil the suprise honest!!!!

    Is it a Nintendo Wii? ha ha imagine that!
  3. Cow

    Cow LE

    I remember 30 pigs CO's gift to one of the messes, purchased on Silkman. Some dodgey carving brought from a chogi for $500+. Sure he'd have taken a box of ORP rather than the cash but the Ops Offr wouldn't have it.
  4. Can't be any worse than the CO who departed 2 Sigs, his parting gift was a number of ducks... sadly he forgot to get their wings clipped and when he opened the container containing the ducks they promptly flew back to the river... Oops...
  5. Was it something they really an apology?
  6. St. Mark of Kandahar will be sadly missed… so will the Sunday afternoon call outs… Nothing like erecting NETCEN in the rain when your still pissed from a Sunday afternoon session.
  7. Where were the ducks going to live?
  8. They, the ducks, were supposed to make their new home on the lawn outside the Mess, however they much preferred the river from where they came.. The CO did look a tad embarrassed in front of the Regiment as off they popped over the roof and away…
  9. It's been a while, 1995, but I don't recall any water being outside the mess. I suppose thats how he got to be a CO, oozing common sense.
  10. I said lawn, there was no mention of any water... I think he just intended for them to wander about... a bit. The said event happend in 1991 I was one of the many stood watching... I left there in 93
  11. Any way what was St Mark's parting gift...
  12. Spliffy your memory serves you well, I take it he hadn't got any better since he was our Troopy then?

    I have been told his leaving gift to the Mess is a 3/4 size photo of himself, stood pointing at the camera, with an inscrption below stating
    "16 Signal Regiment - I am watching you - Lt Col M*** B******"

    If it is true, and my source is impeccable, then this is the bonest thing at 16 since a not so long departed RSM wanted to purchase a Regimental Ceremonial Goat.

  13. Each and every one of my haemorrhoids has tried, and failed, to irritate me more, and has failed. I have never met anyone who has had his eye on the next promotion, at any cost, more than that man.

    But then again, I only knew him for a year, I might be wrong!
  14. If its true, is the badge going to have it put up? He must have known what they were getting, and surely a gentle word about the boneness of such a gift would have been well received. Even to that CO. Like i said, if its true - which i'm doubting for now.
  15. Apparently the picture is so mortifying that mess members are charging those without mess status to be snuck in for a quick look! One young soldier has likened the experience to watching a particularly cringe-worthy episode of The Office.