Calling Scottish Hillwalkers

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by afcass, Apr 3, 2009.

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  1. Anyone looking for a bit of company in the hills, or want to leave the map reading to someone else visit
  2. I had an epic day on the hill today; Ben Wyvis to be exact. Still some snow, and pretty bloody windy. I saw a number of people out with walking poles (similar to skiing poles), which I've never used in my life.

    Anyone got any ideas as to why people use them? I can see how you might get a bit of support from them, but I'd also have thought that you wouldn't expend as much effort during the walk (and thereby get as much out of it, if improving your hill fitness is your thing!)

    Any sensible replies gratefully received

  3. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    For those with aged knees (moi for one), poles are great and really do take pressure of them. Anything that helps your balance means that you are expending less energy too.

    I won't go back to walking without them
  4. If you're anywhere near Sauchie, you can beat the Chavs n Neds off with them too.

    Never used them but thinking about it these days.
  5. Mr Dale and I ventured up Goat Fell a few years ago - well worth 5 hours. If you are in that area, Arran is a great place to visit. I had to have jabs and stuff though, what with them being Scottish and all that.

    Culzean Castle is also ace, very picturesque and the staff are wonderful.

    On a sour note, if anyone wants to visit Richmond (Yorks), there is no need to bring walking poles unless you are going to attempt to climb the castle without ropes.
  6. I'm reading this in shock!!! :D

    Did you notice my reply was in English?? Noa bad eh hen!!?? XXX :D
  7. Sparky
    Following your Dog Owner entries with some interest as I am planning getting a pooch myself. A number of people were out with them today, was awesome. Can't imagine a better companion on the hill (unless Kiera Knightley wants to take up Munro-bagging). Saw a couple of Springers, a Red Setter and a Golden Lab. F***ing brilliant.

    Best day I've had on the hill in easily 6 months!
  8. ChasnDave

    If you can get me Keira ye can have my dug!!! He's probably better house trained but I love a challenge :D

    Spend some time with/around a friend's or friends' dog first if you can - it's a huge comittment. But worth it.

    Canny beat it mate. :D
  9. Shut up you peasant, you let yourself down in your last sentence. :wink:
  10. I'm going to hunt you down and kill you for the dog you are.

    Can't beat the Scottish Hills from the most difficult to the nice family day out in the hills Anyone who has not been to Loch Lomond is missing a great day out.
  11. Totally agree mate
    Although if anyone had seen me whimpering like a girl at the top of An Teallach (I am proper s**t scared of heights) I wouldn't show my fizzog in public again; or not on the hill, at any rate!!!

  12. The only benefit I gained from poles was as a third leg when negotiating dodgy bits. For that, they certainly added to my confidence and, hence, enjoyment
  13. Bring it on fatty.

    I dare you to a day out in Yorkshire........
  14. Snailo cbgramc has done more than just the white horse in Yorkshire.

    He's done all of Whyte n Mackays, Bells and the rest of them can produce.

    He's also been known to do the expensive whisky's as well. His excuse for using a hip flask I beleive...
  15. No way your mental come up here if you like hills you can climb my big fat belly :D

    Sparky with my hips its avery very big flask.