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Calling RMP Officers?


After some helpless searching and reading of a very uninformative British Army careers website I am posting in the hope of getting some simple questions answered.

I am just looking for someone to give me a general overview of the day to day duties of an RMP Officer. I am off to RMAS in Sept and quite interested in this as my choice of arm. Having deployed on HERRICK with the TA Inf whilst at University I feel a little reluctant to get straight back in the Inf and I would really like the opportunity to explore other areas.

To give it some structure - if someone could help give me a general idea of what a junior officer in the RMP will be doing day to day in the following areas I would be very grateful – as this information is very hard to come by!

- General Policing Duties (shift patterns /scope of work (busy/not busy/average arrests or incidents in a week) /size of responsibility/ opportunity to get out on the cobbles and nick the little cretins etc. etc.
- On Ops (Inc. different roles available whilst on ops)
- CP (are you in a kinetic role or more administration)
- SIB (as above, is it an active investigation role, are you travelling, interviewing, investigating and making arrests, or are you organising in and out trays)

I know what those individual arms of the corps are and I can assume the role of an NCO in those departments, but what eludes me are the details of the day to day role of an RMP Officer.

Also, if anyone has any comments about their time at Southwick Park and can take the time to discuss and account their time there that would be great too.

Many thanks in advance for anyone who takes the time to help out here. I hope this will help this rather relevant information become more readily available to other people conducting this search.


No idea how it all works for ruperts but could you not arrange a visit to an RMP unit and chat with some serving junior officers?
Lots of words

May i suggest if you haven't already done so a quick search on this site about the role of RMP Officers. there is actually a thread that covers all of your questions.If you have already found the correct info then ignore this and good luck whatever you choose to do :)

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