Calling people chavs is criminal

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by YesItsMe, Jul 18, 2008.

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  1. YesItsMe

    YesItsMe LE Good Egg (charities)

    Stop using the word chav, says an article in the Fabian Review, it is “deeply offensive to a largely voiceless group”.

    I am not in the habit of agreeing with the socialistic Fabian Society, but they have a point. Chav does not derive from “Cheltenham Average” or “Council House and Violent”. It comes from a Romany word for “boy”. The origin is irrelevant, though, for it is the meaning that hurts.

    Certainly the stereotypical chav is an absurd figure in his white tracksuit and bling, a silly hairstyle and Burberry accessories, perhaps accompanied by a nasty bullish terrier.

    But many people use chav as a smokescreen for their hatred of the lower classes. That is a despicable subterfuge. It is not the gipsies that are the victims of the chav stereotype, but the useless youths who hang around with nothing to do.

    True, schoolchildren have adopted the label chav to identify their own tendency (in opposition to Goths and emo monsters). But that just makes them act up to their bad image.

    To call people chavs is no better than public schoolboys calling townies “oiks”.

    One more thing. The Fabian Review piece assumes that the word “nigger” could never be used in its pages. Indeed it lets us guess the word in question by spelling it n*****. This is foolishness. To mention the word nigger is not the same as calling anyone a nigger. To make nigger a totemic vehicle of evil is to accord it a power it should never be allowed.

    here you can find the article

    this just a wind up i reckon - otherwise good_co and bad_co will be busy deleting every 2nd thread here for the next cpl months :lol:
  2. Already done mate.

    "Calling people chavs is criminal"? Or chav people are criminal?
  3. Yeah Chavs are just teddy boys with no sense of fashion/styling, and like the mods and rockers, they like to live up to the image portrayed in the media.

    Poofs the lot of them. I was a Punk (when I had hair) and WE were nails!!!

    Awaiting the flak for that one - shellscrape finished!!!! :D
  4. If you mean proper 1977 punk then yes we were nails, if however it was punkishness occurring post 80's you were in fact a poof.
  5. Good Lord BigT!!!!

    80's punkishness??? Never in a million years man!!!! They only became punks because we'd moved on by then...

    New Romantic hair, grandad/cavalry shirts and baggy trousered shoitecatchers....

    Ye got more burds that way :D
  6. YesItsMe

    YesItsMe LE Good Egg (charities)

    sorry - tried the search function with the words chav and criminal and didn't get any result like this :oops:

    @mods - feel free to delete - didn't know it was done before
  7. I wish they'd delete you Trigger. You really are an irritating f*cking arrsewipe. Go and get your husband's tea on you bitch.
  8. Strange how people's perceptions of the meaning determine the fate of the word...

    In Russia to call someone "nigger" was an acknowledgement of the race, whilst to call a person "black" was an insult.
  9. Give a dog a bad name?? I think you're into the nurture and nature thing here really. Why are some people poor?? because they are thick and lazy and born of a lower echelon of humans. Why do they become criminals? because that is what their parents did, and nowadays what their grandparents did, The system supports their habits, to work means less money, no house. There really is ni incentive at all to provide or work, as the state will provide all they want - drink, drugs holidays etc etc.
    No morals, no morale, no pride and definitely no deterrent for crime.
    Prison - an occupational hazard accepted without shame, and in fact a badge of honour.
    we really need to go back 50 years in order to regain some sort of community or national pride.
  10. I saw the interview of the BBC on Thursday and it made me laugh. The interviewee was a Guardian journo (no suprise there about the leftie hand wringing on somebody elses behalf) and she said that calling somebody a chav was basically people looking down on the working classes. Most chavs don't work so how can they be working class. Being working class does not automatically make you a chav; it is your actions that make you a chav. There have always been working class people in Britain and the vast majority are decent people, as usual it is the minority that tarnish the rests reputation.
  11. Surely if you are working class that means -

    a) You work
    b) If you haven't got a job, you want one.

    How do chavs fit into that?
  12. Them Welsh chav niggers have got it the worst then.