Calling PC Techies - PC Doesn't Boot - Help Please?

Evening all you good people. Could anyone help with a PC problem please? A friend's Desktop PC won't load past the POST (power on self test - hope that's right) and "hangs", on the PCI device listing screen. I have the Laptop running and two screens in front of me, one for Arrse and the other screen for our problem. The Desktop PC doesn't boot to Windows. I am a computer biff, unfortunately.

Any of you good people have a clue? A thousand thanks for anyone taking the trouble.


If its having a problem loading a device, could be faulty or corrupt device driver. Try the instructions on the link above and press F8 to start in safe mode. There are various options available here. I dont recall all the options, but I think the top one loads safe mode without device drivers. If it boots fine, then look at using System Restore to a date when it last worked. MS have just had 'Patch Tuesday' so Im wondering if an update device driver has thrown a wobbly.
Hi Indigo Many thanks for your reply and you're a good egg for helping. Problem is the PC won't load past the PCI screen, a quick scan of techie sites suggests it's a hardware or drivers fault. I've grown lightly older, messing with it, and calling it terrible names. And It doesn't even get as far as Windows. Which means among other things opening the case and checking all the hardware . Or on the other hand, thinking of the most satisfying way of crushing the fecking thing.
In that case, pop the side of the case (power off etc), touch the bare metal side of the case before you touch anything inside to earth yourself. Remove the RAM and any add in cards such as modem, sound and graphics. Replace the cards and RAM, then try again. It may be something just isn't seated right.


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In bed half cut, so can't provide specifics. Try this avenue of investigation ysing Google:

There's usually a bootup operation, like Safe Mode, that let's you go from the POST in a step-by-step manner, one line at a time. I think you usually hit the Pause/Break key at power-up. Do that, and advance a line at a time until it dies. The line it fucks up on should give you a clue.

My money's on a broken PCI card. Work out what it is, then deactivate (in BIOS), remove or replace.

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