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Dear Wingletang,

Many apologies if you were trying to end the thread, I've done something to the combined TV and typewriter and cannot currently start another thread (adblock plus? I thought it was some sort of muscle building supplement!!).


Nitty gritty time. Okay, let's (for logistical purposes) draw a line at The Wash, and exclude Wales (nothing personal). Every OTC South and East (OK Exeter you're in), of the lines are places that OTC's where PO's or 2Lt's could 'reasonably' be expected to travel from for Ex's we will do over the next 8 months (unless during vacations in which case Edinburgh/Aberystwyth you're in).

I want 2 x 2Lt's, and the Unit approx 6 (to join over the next 2 years - I am sure we could overbear a bit if needed). So, I will provide opportunities to put the 'theoretical' trg into practice, a backdrop of Ops experienced people to give feedback. Professional scenarios, coaching and debriefs are included. The Unit can provide very interesting normal training and various specialisations.

We will provide the above, all that is wanted in return are people who will return South on completing degrees, even if they are NOT in AOR - let's get the idea going.

Any OTC that feels this could be of use to their charges, let's do it. Dates and details by PM. So if I recruit 2 out of 24, I still have 2 (eventually), and you have 22 or 24 who receive more training, and perhaps more join other units. One Army!

Preferred numbers (IOT benefit them) are up to 4 max per Ex. Other possibilities/training are available by negotiation.
Would this be better placed in the OTC forum?

What pray tell is a 'side hat'. I thought that was some sort of wind affected head gear that cyclist Bn's wore approx 100-90 years ago!

2? Well right on if we are talking 'Good Ones'. However, we are talking about 'the future', so who knows? Whether WE get anything out of it is irrelevant (though nice). What matters is that the whole benefits (One Army etc). If we keep pushing and one day those pearly gates will open!

It is corny I know, but if we do this, and other units get the benefit, then (apart from 'BU***R'), it has been worthwhile. Weird I accept, but what goes around, comes around and those units that are pro-active seem to be 'lucky'.

They call me ' Lucky 2 fingered, one handed, hop-along'. Ces't la vie for maybe another year or so!

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