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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Jimmyrees, May 3, 2007.

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  1. Hi there i have just left 22 sigs after nearly 11 years. I have lost touch with most of my old mates due to losing phones, having apsycho possesive girlfriend ha ha and being god dam lazy. I was looking for anyone who was posted at Germany, York, ATR Litchfield, Nuneaton or anyone who whent on adventure training last summer to cormwall. Played Rugby last summer in Wales or whent to new york at xmas time 2000 or any one who recongnises the name.
  2. Did you stay at 22 sigs for 11 yrs?
  3. How did you manage to stay at 22 for 11 years when it dispanded in the early 90's and only reformed last year?
  4. The hanging smell of stale bull sh1t is strong in this one.

    Disbanded 1992

    Reformed officially April this year.
  5. If you look at his location he seems a bit confused........
    I would like to know how he also knows EVERYONE in Germany?
  6. =|

    Edited because after reading his other posts he is clearly not a member of the Royal Pignals.

    Jimmy - Bore off!

    Apologies :D
  7. (unless of course you really have been in 22 Sigs for 11 years in which case you should just fcuk off you civvy mong)[/quote]

    What? so he has been paid for 14 years for doing nothing?
    I wish i could get a job like that!
  8. Hmmm....if you joined the Sigs 11 years ago then Basic Training should have been at ATR Bassingbourne. Although I know a small handfull of Sigs who did go through basic at Pirbright around that time...never heard of any from Lichfield though...

    I could be wrong and will hold my hands up if anyone can show otherwise...?

    What was your unit in Germany? Where was it based?
  9. But I'll give you the benefit of the doubt Jimbo - if you can clarify the following:

    Hated it where? 22 Sigs in Stafford, 30 Sigs in Nuneaton or 2 Sigs in York? Any 11 year sweat would know which.

    (This Thread)

    So what's your story mate?


    (Now edited to add links)
  10. Legal-Eagle. Adult entry moved from Bassingbourn to Litchfield in the autumn of 02. So what you say is correct, unless of course, he/she was a diffent capbadge and then rebadged.
  11. He did his in AAC Harrogate mate........

    (Edited to add link)
  12. E-Layer, agreed, this bloke is quite clearly konb, so unless he come up with some answers lets just ignore him.
  14. Hi everyone sorry for my lack of clarification in my last post. I never use the net, never put posts out and just sort of wrote without thinking, putting full stops in etc…I just assumed that people who I was looking 4 would recognise my name, which is why I didn’t bother putting too much info on.

    I would love to know why the hell you people would think that I would want to lie>? what on earth would i gain out of that? I genuinly
    only came on here to locate some old mates who like I said I had lost touch with and now i dont see or hear from any of my mates that i effectivelly grew up with!
    If you would like my military, history here goes. I just think that this is so bloody funny.

    In 1998 I went to 11th Signal regiment – the royal school of signals – Blanford Dorset
    I then spent some time Rowcroft bks Arborfield in Reading. I did my first tour to Oman and then spent new year of 1999 in New York.
    I then was posted to

    2 sig regt imphal bks fulford rd York the length of this tour was about 36 months. Here I did my Arms pre parachute selection course and got recommended for services with airborne forces. Although I didn’t take up this opportunity as I got interested in becoming a PTI.

    In Germany I was at 7 signal reg, A0306A Javelin Barracks Bruggen Germany. I was here till 2004. It was here that I did many PTI training qualifications etc…

    I was then posted TO A2434H Recruit selection cen Litchfield (ATR LITCHFIELD) on the 8th of Sept 2004 to work as a PTI. This tour was for about 20 months but i managed to stay a bit longer as i loved it there!

    After this I was posted to 30 signals reg gamecock barracks Nuneaton and this was where I decided to leave the army as they were calling people back in to there trade and seeing as though I had not done my trade for so long and enjoyed working as a PTI much more I decided to re think my army career. Firstly I tried to see if I could be put in the gym but they wouldn’t let me and I had to go back to my trade which was coms so I applied for early release and got it. I left Nuneaton begining of April this year.
    I hope that this satisfies some of you out there and will stop you all assuming things!!!!

    Oh yea to add a bit more info my army ID number 25080687.