Calling Kit Manufacturers......

Does a technical top make a difference ?

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Combat Stress are putting 18 runners in this year's British 10K in London on 2 July .

They are looking for a technical running singlet to replace old cotton tanktops with the Combat Stress logo.

Anything is better than what they have in current stock but Climalite/Coolmax similar wicking fabric would be ideal.

If you would be interested in supplying some tops in return for free publicity at a MAJOR national event, please contact Rosie Gibbons on

01372 841616

or PM me for more details.

Thank you



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Thanks Polar - this is a dead straight request so if anyone knows a company that might be interested point them this way.

I'm running this race so keen to wear something light.

Anyone interested in joining me then Combat Stress has a number of places available .

Details of the race here

Look fwd to hearing from you !

Le Chevre


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If anyone here works for REEBOK or NEW BALANCE or UK GEAR, or has any contacts could you plse put them in touch with me...URGENT !!

Good opportunity for a BRITISH kit manufacturer

( yeah I know NB are US origin but they have a UK facility)

Come on ARRSE - show us the POWER !!

Thanks a lot people. :worship:



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<< BUMP >>

if anyone has a contact working in one of these companies plse PM me with details...thanks.

Lee Shaver :roll:
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