Calling it a day, entitilement, resettlement etc.

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by liney555, Sep 9, 2008.

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  1. Alright people,

    I am currently on leave and as such I have been giving things a lot of thought generally about life and employment. The main question I asked myself is "Can I see me being happy in this job for another 12 years?"

    The answer is plain and simple.. NO I can not. I am a class one Driver/Lineman (Lance Jack).

    So, I am at the stage where many choose to either call it a day or move on to pastures new, or indeed drag my heels along putting up with usual BS and on/off herrick deployments for the pending future?!! Fark that.

    I am not going to be one of those bitter 40 year old with a year left of service full screws, not a chance :oops:

    I am sure many people on this forum have been in a similar situation, I am not in to the scare mongoring bullshit that will no doubt get thrown at me as it simply is not true. I know lots of people who have got out and they say it is the best thing they ever did.

    I am looking to be out this time next year, that means my half pension is secured - What is the going rate for that these days? Do you still get a 'lump' sum? albeit not much but at least its something...

    Also with regards to resettlement, what is the deal there? How much are we entitled to these days..?

    Any help on this would be really appreciated, as my unit seems a bit shy to offer this information - I mean how dare I ask, right? Or is it that retention thing again? :D

    Liney in despair :eek:
  2. Cow

    Cow LE

    There is a pension calculator somewhere, a quick search on this site should throw up the link. With regards to resettlement the entitlements and rules have recently changed. The best thing to do is to see someone who is in the process of leaving and get the details for the nearest resettlement office and give them a call.

    What I would do is start planning now! The year you have will be spent trying to organise everything. I found the resettlement process a nightmare because the process is so bizare. Numerous forms to be signed by different people who are never available or won't sign them. My Sqn OC didn't sign mine for 6 months as they thought I'd sign back on...

    Get on some job sites, find a job you think you'd be good at/like to do/fits your needs. See what quals you have and need and see what you can achive with the money/resettlement time you have. Any ideas what you'd want to do and where you'll be living when your out? Get thinking quick... planning is the best thing you can do, once you've a plan you've something to work towards rather than bimbling along going with the flow.

    No one will push your resettlement along for you. You need to ensure that you are looked after, your unit will try to get as much work out of you as they can while your still there, make sure it doesn't impact on you leaving (i.e getting your resettlement done/interviews/etc).
  3. Thanks for the advice Cow, due to a recent shuffle around in our work place I should find I have sufficient time on my side to get out and do courses. I wont be mugged off, not a hope

    Out of interest are you out now? and how are you finding things 8)
  4. If you are looking for work in comms I know there is plenty connected to the TV anologue to digital switch over as long as you've a head for heights.
    All the best for the future.
  5. Cow

    Cow LE

    Left 2 Sigs in 2006, picked up some contract work more through luck than anything else for 6 months before getting a perm job. After 2 years now doing a job that I want to do. Being ex-forces helped, but there are alot of people who've being doing the job you want to do for longer than you have in civi street and you've got to be better than them.

    I lived with my misses for a few years before I was out so had alot of stuff sorted already. I had a flat to move back to, my family was in the same city as me and all my friends were still about. Familiar ground is easier to fit into!
  6. Thanks, I have not given it much thought yet - 12 years of being institutionalised tends to do that :lol:

    Yeah, I will more than likely have a place to live in when I am out. although the missus and I split up, something about not seeing each other to often, sound familiar? :evil:
  7. It is now over 6 years since I left so my understanding of entitlements is too out of date to be useful. One thing I am sure will not have changed is how fast the last year goes. If you are in the last 12 months it will go incredibly fast so you have to get yourself sorted ASAP.

    Good luck.

    BTW, what is it you wish to do after leaving?
  8. Yeah I am sure it will go quick, I have no idea what I want to do yet, I know its easy to say but I have all my driving licenses to fall back on and intend to 'refresh' my HAZMAT license at the next opportunity, I have various fibre qualifications.. I am not entirely sure yet.
  9. Cow

    Cow LE

    Contracting for BT sounds good! Check out the civdiv forum, few people in there (Brettarider) should be able to offer some good advice.
  10. Consider the railway. Decent pay and has a lot of engineering type jobs. Plenty of others too if you fancy a change.

    Start here:

    Drivers get good pay and conditions but they work for train operating companies (TOCs). Worth a look though if you think you could do that job. I could not do it as I can't concentrate when bored.
  11. thanks for the advice peeps 8)
  12. If you have done more than 2 years but less than 22 (ORs) you will not get your pension payments until aged 60.

    However, Officers are based on 34 years (age 21 to 55 - under 21 service does not count for pension) ORs are based on 37 years (age 18 to 55 and service under 21 does count). If you did the full 37 years you would get half pay so, a quick calculation is number of years served x your highest annual pay in the last 3 years of service divided by 74 (for ORs) or divided by 68 (for Officers). If you get £15k and you have done 6 years you will get about £1216 pa pension at age 60. If you retire after completing 22 years, you will get your pension straight away but no index linked rises until age 55. So, say, £30,000 after 22 years = 30k x 22/74. Around 9K a year until you reach 55. Resettlement grant then is 3 times annual pension (£27K). You have to serve at least 9 years to get a resettlement grant.

    All explained here

    Sorry, edited to say the 9 years for a resettlement grant is for Officers and it is 12 years for ORs (all to do with that 3 years between 18 and 21)
  13. Have you thought about the master driver route in the RLC?
  14. Try this link:

    Feel sorry for you, I'm in the RAF and going to Pristina for an arduous 4 month tour next week. First since 2003!
  15. No. It does not flick my switch one bit.