Calling Intake 60 and 61 RAPC Apprentices College

Guys its nearly 25 years for intake 60 and 22 years for intake 60. Lets mark the occassion properly by using the Regt Association Dinner in London on 25 April 2008 as our chance to meet up again and have a drink...or two. If you know of anyone who was at the college either as a rook or a PS then pass the message. if you are interested please drop me a line on

Fide Et Fiducia
Confirmed so far:
Intake 60

Ian Wilkins
John Sykes
Dave Simons
Col Willians
Ian Beattie
Kev French

Intake 61

Mark Eldridge
Simon Jessney
Baz Barrett


Alun Rees
Denis Caraher

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