Calling Falklands Veterans...

Dear all,

I'm writing my PhD on the role of the media in the Falklands War. I'm looking to get in touch with any servicemen who fought in the War and came into contact with one or more of the 29 journalists embarked with the Task Force. Much is written on how the journalists adapted to war-time conditions - but not much on how the Navy adapted to the 'hacks'. I'd like to rectify this. If anyone did experience the media contingent whilst in the Falklands, or knows of someone who did - please contact me.

Many thanks,

Hi there - sorry to steam in with a slightly random request but I am looking for contact with any **Argentinian or British servicemen** who had ANY dealings between 1976 and 1983 with the small islands that started some degree of conflict in 1976 and known as :

SOUTHERN THULE [base called Corbeta Uruguay]

I will explain more if anyone gets in touch. You can email me also to shuffler[AT]

Anyone who can pass this on to other forums of Falklands/Malvinas veterans - I would really appreciate it.:)
I should add that Thule Island was shelled and the small Argentine contingent [military and scientists] were then taken off after raising the Union Flag in 1982.

So far I've just heard from Argentine persons... so I'm on a UK forum hoping for any other memories from the British side.

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