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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Sig Smith, Mar 17, 2012.

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  1. G'day,

    just wondering if many of the esteemed Arrse membership happen to be involved in what I would broadly call emergency services either paid or volunteer? For example, Firefighters, Ambulance, RNLI, Search & Rescue, Radio Communications and so on?

    Is it worth having somewhere on Arrse to converse, and perhaps share experiences, a photo or two?

    It is even worth discussing :)

    For my 2 cents worth (thats Aussie cents, not worth much!) as well as ex-mil (RAN & RASIGS) I'm involved with the Rural Fire Service, and a radio amateur group that provides emergency communications.

    Any takers ....

  2. Set up a group if you wish.
  3. Sig -
    Septic and now retired but I was Emergency Management Director in a Massachusetts city for 27+years. What I think you call Chief Civil Protection Officer (given it is St Paddy's day, the Irish call it Cosaint Shibhialta.

    Let me know if you start thread
  4. Thanks Jarrod and David,

    I guess we can wait and see how many more would be interested ....

  5. UK Paramedic here..
  6. I'm drinking ten times the recommended limit to forget the "experiences" so go **** yourself
  7. yep i'd be up for such a group - Clinical Support Officer (volunteer role) for St John Ambulance
  8. If you want a group just start one.