Calling Combat Int-ers!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Proximo, Jun 15, 2008.

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  1. Folks - I need a fave.

    I have to give a Q1 Backbrief for some utterly spurious exercise tomorrow. Having spent oodles of time at JSCSC, I have been taught the mechanics of it, and as a former member of the glorious Corps (ages ago!) I have been taught how to actually do it as well. Sort of.

    What I am really after is a piece of awesome Int Geek bullshit that I can print off and just deliver, to utterly confound the DS. I mean really lay it on. If you really need to know, the Genfor lot are a Lt MR Bde and a Mtn Bde facing 16 Air Asslt Bde in Wales - more or less.

    I see this being embedded in the 'Relative Strengths' piece, which always seems slightly pointless when you don't have the output of Q2 and Q3 and no effects schematic, ConOps or COA to develop - discuss!

    I would very much appreciate any help you can offer!
  2. Oh, and I am currently collating all my PIRs but if anyone has any equally helpful ones I can add, please do.

    I already have 'Where is the En recce' so don't need that one...
  3. I used to be a Combat Inter but I haven't a clue what you're talking about. Are you foreign? :wink:
  4. now you're just providing ammunition for this thread: ;)
  5. Don't mean to sound picky, but you've kinda answered you're own question there. If you haven't got that info, it's gonna be a bit hard for some random 'Int Geek' to help you out. Not to mention that Wales, whilst not a huge place, has some reasonable variation in terrain, so that MIGHT have an effect on enemy tactics. Coupled with enemy intentions (err... Q1), to whit, are they likely to use the mobility afforded them by their Light status to form a vanguard/mobile recce and/or harrassing force or are they being used to back fill previously malletted positions as a stop gap, should give you some idea that your original request is not exactly a mine of ideas for anyone who wishes to provide you with a full and detailed response.
  6. Errr thank you Pchik!

    I was only after a selection of good Int-y buzzwords, not an actual functioning G2 update.

    Either way, I dug into the corners of my (Ashford) trained brain and delivered the goods.

    Cheers anyway, slimers! :D
  7. Should always rely on centre pf gavity analysis. That always makes it look like you know what your talking about!
  8. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    My favourite buzzword just now is 'Granularity'. It means laughing at old ladies.
  9. In the event I used the following phrase:

    "The critical path activity is to emplace the effects flag at the appropriate place on the capability/threat gradient"

    We decided to play buzzword bingo....
  10. And the latest classic is always getting the 'A war and the war' term in there!
  11. Have you heard of Plain English?

    Back in the 90s my arrse would have been slung out of the 432 if I had come up with a phrase like that...too clever by half and the staff would have thought I was taking the p*ss.
  12. What's a 432?
  13. Still in service that's what.....
  14. Not technically. I think you'll find that if you stick a new engine in and make the armour a bit fatter you can call it 'Bulldog'. Then you can bluff on that the new vehicle will be providing supreme protection until 2040 at least.
  15. Is that the correct spelling son?

    Some pedantic knob will pick you up for that type of insignificant grammatical error.