Calling Cold War Warriors: time to educate the kids


Lets go East, to prevent this ever happening again.
As 11th Hussars, we never had a badge in the beret.
The story at the time, of pulling both sides down, was because of wearing earphones.
No vehicles had seat belts.
Chieftains had special bins for beer. Otherwise, they were crap.
Still traumatised,cannot bring myself to talk about it.
BAOR trackguard.jpg
How about we get some of our under 30 snowflakes with operational experience of HERRICK deliver briefs to the fat bratty munching no medal whinging belters of what happens on actual Ops?
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"This is a unique, free event, aimed particularly (but not only) at those under the age of 30, who never experienced the Cold War in the second half of the twentieth century."

Unfortunately it's not exactly BAOR themed; but it does look like a decent lineup for sending the snowflake generation off to in the hope they get a grip on what it was actually all for. (Something, for instance, that the "compassionate Gulag" crowd could conceivably benefit from.)

Details and registration here: COLD WAR: Then and Now?
Do you get a medal at the end
ALL bins are for beer, the Army insisted on putting useless stuff like vehicle tools and flags (Blue, green and yellow) in them, just in case I had a sudden desire to be a morris dancer in the middle of a 4 week exercise.
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And ref a medal.... you know how much the Americans love them! In the process.......... (2 full years to qualify period)...... I did over 8 fcuking years.

H.R.1419 - 115th Congress (2017-2018): Cold War Service Medal Act

IF the British Army every decided to award me one, they will have to dig deeper than a stage 1 trench to give it to my coffin. Because I will be long gone by the time THAT happens, and I will expect at least 3 bars on the thing with Grid references of note engraved upon them. NOT 309!

Meanwhile, 1 month in Province gets me a GSM.
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