Calling Clerks and Chefs.


Tayforth UOTC is looking for clerks and chefs.
Tayforth is based in Dundee with detachments at Stirling and St Andrews. Please feel free to take a look around the website to get a glimpse of the unit . Tayforth's TA personnel are able to stay on until 55, you will no longer have Gp A mobilisation status. The current staff are mostly ex-Regular or experienced Reserve soldiers. The OCdt's will of course love you - you'll either be giving them food or pay; they are students after all!!

If you are interested or would like to find out more please go to the website here and use the contact form to get in touch with the Adjutant. Ideally we are after JNCO chefs and a LCPL AGC (SPS) Clerk for employment with Tayforth.

There is a very easy way to recruit chefs:

Ask your local catering college if you could come and do a stand at the college, or whether you could bus some of the trainee chefs to the TAC.

Get your chefs to set up a field kitchen and prepare a presentation about being a chef in the TA, emphasizing the diversity of function (field conditions to Mess Dos), the civilian skills they can get, the military training they will receive and how good that will look on their CV - and you can give them references for their first and subsequent jobs. I believe that Grantham will help out with RLC flyers etc.

Then tell them about all the other stuff they can do with the TA and sign them up as a group to go through basic training together and then serve with you as combat catering commandos.

This idea brought to you in conjunction with Gung_Hobo Ideas (gpl) 2006

The secret is to get a bunch of people together to go through training, as some of our catering colleagues are built slightly more for comfort than for speed.

My unit is about to put this into practise: we spoke to the local college and the teacher there said "I will clear a one hour slot in my timetable on the Monday of your choice to come and speak to my students".



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And the career prospects of these people is exactly what? !!!!!!!!!!
And are you sure about them being group B??

I thought Group B applied only to the OTC cadets, not the TA support/command element who are still Group A despite serving with a Group B unit.

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