Calling CFAVs - Official Survey


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Ladies and Gents -

I've been asked to highlight a survey currently being run by the MOD's Youth Engagement Review Team, which is keen to hear from all and every CFAV. It's already been publicised via the Chain of Command, and the Cadet websites, but ARRSE may pick up a few more.

The survey - closing date for which is 22nd April - is at this link:

Thanks :)
Some of the questions seem a bit loaded.

I don't trust surveys anyway. I fear bad things are going to happen after this survey, and the responses will be selectively edited to justify them. Be careful what you say, especially in the comments boxes.
I didn't think there was anything too sinister in the questions. And I am glad a few questions on westminster were included.

Can't wait for westminster to be superceded.


Evidentally more formal training is being rolled out for WESTMINSTER, and evewryone that is CRB'd and PPI'd is allowed a sign one and password.