Calling ARRSErs for a group deal on Dievas Tritium watches - will you join?

Would you like a Dievas Zeta Phantom?

  • Yes, definitely, if priced at £150

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  • Maybe, I would like you to take the opportunity and buy the stock, and I will think about it later!

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  • No, but it looks like a good deal

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  • No

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We have come across the opportunity to do a bulk purchase of end of line stock of some high end dive watches from German company Dievas, specifically the Dievas Zeta Phantom. While we don't have an RRP, Dievas watches are normally upwards of £500.

In more detail:

- Tritium H3 lit dial, ie. the same as a Traser
- Sapphire Crystal
- Locking bracelet
- Smooth, fine ratcheted bezel
- Excellent quality and finish
- 300m water resistant
- Miyota 8215 Automatic movement
- BIG! (shown next to my battered Seiko for comparison)
- RRP not known, but you can find some second hand for around $280 online. Most Dievas watches are around £500 - £800 RRP.




The question is whether you would be interested. We have yet to negotiate a price (we have just had the first offer) but we think our retail will be in the region of £150 - so an absolute bargain for such a high quality watch, especially when compared wit the low spec trasers available at this price.

If we get enough interest we will go back to the manufacturer and start negotiating on your behalf.

Further reading

For reviews of the watch from watch gurus, and more pictures see:

New Dievas ZETA Phantom Professional
If anyone has personal experience of Dievas or even better of the Zeta Phantom itself, it would be great to hear it. Likewise any objective or subjective opinions about the watch. If plenty of people like it then it will be a really good opportunity, but we'd like to be confident of that before we commit to buying the stock.
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