Calling any ex-French Foreign Legion

If there are any ex-French Foreign Legion members out there I would really appreciate some help.

Several years ago my Father had a heart attack and this spurred him to start searching out his old Army mates.

He has traced quite afew but one particular bloke remains elusive. This particular chap who he went through training with was ex-FFL and the only things my old man can remember about him, apart from his name, was he was ex-Guards prior to his FFL service, served in Indochina possibly at Dien Bien Phu and was awarded the Cri de Guerre.

Can anyone suggest any avenues that might be explored to trace him. Any information much appreciated.

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I am not ex-FFL. There is a UK magazine - 'Le Kepi Blanc' which members of the association circulate information on the old and bold. Google it.

There's quite a few ex lads on this site who could well put you in touch with French based sources of info. The very best of luck to you.
You may also want to check out some of the FFL forums which are prevalen these days. The main forum with quite a bit of trafic can be found at the following:

Indochina was quite some time ago and as such it could even be the case that the person you seek may have joined the shiny camel train in the sky, who knows?

I done my 5 years with the FFL, ended in early 90's, and even then most people never really spoke about their lives outside or prior to their service. A lot of people join to forget previous life chapters, running away from other stuff so maybe also the bloke may not want to be found.

Either way, best of luck.
Your best bet would be trying Amicale Online, ( just Google Amicale Online ) part of Kepi Blanc, it has details of serving and ex serving Legionnaires and goes back as far as Indo China.
An Englishman in the Legion of that era would be few and far between so you should have no trouble locating him or someone who knew of him.
And its probably the best place to start, as it aslo has details of the Ex Legionnaires of the UK, who you could also try.

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Yet there is nothing recorded on my personal threads and no way to do a search on this site.
what is going on, admin?
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