Calling any Australians (old and young alike)

See as this is the international thread i'm hoping that you may be able to help.

heres the situation, My Grandfather died fairly recently and i didnt know to much about his time he spent in the Australian Army after he transferred to them post war. they emigrated out there in around 1955 and my Grandad was a Sgt in the Royal Autralian Artillery working on the army Proof Ranges, (i think it was in Queensland though this is questionable, but definatly around there or Maybe Victoria???).

I would like any links people might have to Photos of the area or any links to Australian Forums of this similar vain.

is anyone able to help please! i desperatly would like to know a bit more about his time out there, he was also a Chelsea Pensioner

thanks for any help that you may be able to provide

Full of old stryne sweats , I'll bet they can help you :D

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