YOs why don't you do something you will enjoy and give your soldiers the chance to compete in a winter sport. It is not a difficult task and is just the sort of thing that YOs should thrive on. The chance of getting away these days is getting harder and so every opportunity for you get your fellas away from the unit and hopefully win some silverware should be graspd with both hands.

18 months ago a team dedicated to making Telemark Skiing a recognised Army sport was formed. Its aims were simple - attract funding and make it possible for all Telemark skiers (from total novice to those more accomplished) to have a crack at the seriously exciting art of Telemark racing.

To cut a long story short - we have succeeded in getting the Army Winter Sports Association to take our sport seriously and they are going to give us recognition.

We will hold the inaugural Army Telemark Championships in January 2008, an event which is open to all Regular, TA and UOTC units, whether novice or expert skiers. We are also hoping to open the duration of the event (10 days between 5 -18 Jan 08) to families so that other halves and children don't have to be left at home (as is the case with the other winter sports disciplines). Instruction will be available during the week - so, EVEN IF YOU'VE NEVER TELEMARKED before, you can learn - and so can your family.

Please don't let all the hard work of the Telemark Committee go to the wall - SUPPORT US and come to the Championships. We will also be running various training sessions at Milton Keynes Snowdome before January, on dates tbc. If you want to know more PM me or stick your comments on this forum. We need to add people to our database so if you're interested, get in touch. PM me if you want more info a=on how to go about starting a team, or how to approach the regimental hierarchy with the proposal, I'll be glad to help.

VISIT now and read about the 2006/07 season, see photos and generally learn a bit more about the team as it stands today.

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