Calling all women!

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by Acid_Tin, Apr 23, 2004.

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  1. This utter tosh is being touted round the Field Army at the moment, presumably by a moustachiod female SPS type.

    Just a taste:

    Or you could just accept that the Army is a disciplined organisation that has room for everyone - if your ideas aren't being acted on - perhaps they're ****? It's not just blokes that have the monopoly on sh*t ideas. :D

    Anyway, if this sort of thing flicks your switch (in a manner of speaking :D ), go here: and follow the costs £120 by the way!

  2. I shall forward the link to Downing Street at once; with any luck, they'll be needing it soon!
  3. please please please be true :wink:
  4. They would be asking the impossible from me!!!! :roll:
  5. especially when the painters are in I take it??
  6. I already know how to gain power in my house......its called blow jobs! :wink:
  7. well i can tell you now , you can try it , but that wont work on me , oh no sirry bob :) 8O :wink:
  8. wanna bet?
  9. do you take your teeth out and everything?
  10. Yes and sometimes I even shave my tash off for him :) but only sometimes
  11. I think I'm turning into Gunny...............there's babygravy everywhere!
  12. I think you're all nuts.Lovely.But nuts...and I don't argue with nuts. I just eat 'em. That's about as assertive as you can get ..... x

  13. Not too many nuts or you will get fat and then nobody will love you
  14. A girl that teabags.

  15. No no no Moody...leave the adds a certain tickle!!!!