Calling all women!

This utter tosh is being touted round the Field Army at the moment, presumably by a moustachiod female SPS type.

Just a taste:

Boost your image, your communication skills, your professional development and your satisfaction! In this era of dramatic This special conference is designed to help you develop yourself professionally and find fulfillment in everything you do! There are absolutely no limits to what you can achieve ... especially when you«re equipped with the right tools, the right plan and the right attitude and that«s what this special conference is all about. You´ll spend the day with the most inspiring professional women trainers you´ll ever hear—and network with women who are facing the same life situations you are. It´s a day full of meaningful insights you won´t soon forget!
We´ve packed a lot of information into just one day, so feel free to move in and out of the two tracks and 10 dynamic sessions. It´s your conference—don´t miss a thing!
Conflict can be a destructive force in your life ... or the springboard to some of the most productive interchanges and positive problem-solving sessions you can experience if you have the right attitude. The person who controls that choice is you. Whether you´re faced with long-simmering conflicts, down-and-dirty disagreements or off-the-chart emotional outbursts, this session can steer you toward increased harmony, shared enthusiasm for resolution and impressively improved productivity.

The 6-step approach to win-win conflict resolution
Expressing yourself without accusation, sarcasm or hostility
How to make sure you´re not asking for the very behavior from others you find hard to handle
The real differences between how men and women communicate
A 4-step approach to delivering feedback that´s specific, nonaccusatory and gets results
How to handle rejection and still feel good about yourself
Or you could just accept that the Army is a disciplined organisation that has room for everyone - if your ideas aren't being acted on - perhaps they're ****? It's not just blokes that have the monopoly on sh*t ideas. :D

Anyway, if this sort of thing flicks your switch (in a manner of speaking :D ), go here: and follow the costs £120 by the way!
Mamalonglegs said:
I think you're all nuts.Lovely.But nuts...and I don't argue with nuts. I just eat 'em. That's about as assertive as you can get ..... x

Not too many nuts or you will get fat and then nobody will love you


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Yes you did you huge clamjouster - or are you telling us you know what a 'tache feels like during a blowjob because you're pre-op ?

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