Calling all wives, husbands, girl/boyfrieds, families!

I would like to send six or so copies of my book OUR LAD RICKY to serving Royal Engineers in Iraq and Afganistan for free! The only condition being once they have read it, had a good laugh, they pass it on!In order to do this any member of their family who wishes to have the book sent to their particular hubby, wife, boy/girlfriend, or other half should PM (or e-mail me) with his or her

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BFPO number

I will let the first six or so know that the books are on the way!

(The post office will not allow me to send them without someone's specific name - otherwise I would just send them to: 'A Serving Sapper')
To listen to my interview about the book on BFBS Radio tune in to:

If you have sky channel 0211 (BFBS) or FreeSat Channel 786 my broadcast is scheduled for 1.20 pm on Mon 8 September! Listen in - have a laugh!

or listen on line at:

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