calling all walts , vets id card

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by sheike_a_leg, Nov 14, 2006.

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  1. while looking for the veterans agency website , i came across this website, £27 and they will send you a veterans id card, nothing to do with the veterans agency or mod, 2 x officers in ipswich run this website

    talk about a money tree, wish i had thought of it :D
  2. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    I spoke to one of the guys behind it about 18 months ago and he seemed sincere in what he was trying to achieve.
  3. imho we should get a retired mod90 similar to the navy one or american ones!!!!!!
  4. well intentioned ..... but they must be raking it in! (wish I'd thought of it too.... !!)
  5. why would you want a military type veterans id ? £27 for the first year & after first year £15 subscription , you would have to be a bit waltish to want one, hey look im a 27 quid id card says so ..hahaha :D

    better to phone vets agency for a free vets badge 8)
  6. I wonder about the quality and durability of this card. They are silent on this issue. Is it a laminated piece of durable plastic similar to a modern UK Driving Licence or a cheap piece of cardboard with a photo stapled on to it? Seems a bit expensive if it is the latter.

    Anyone have one?
  7. It won't be that difficult to index this into a genuine proof of service.

    Good idea and good luck to them
  8. Can't afford one, I'm saving up for when Tony and gordon insist I buy one of their's!!
  9. Check out
    as Forces Discounts are open to Veteran's, MoD employees and even the Cadets!
    All you need an A4 ID (FREE) stamped by unit or Regimental Association.
    Why pay for it? Needs some more interesting offers however!
  10. They seem to have a better range of partners than Forces Discount. I'm particularly impressed with the idea of 5% discount at Asda - this would more than cover the subscription.
  11. They do ask for proof of service:

    Proof of former service:

    I enclose a photocopy of documents corroborating my service (e.g. Discharge Papers/Form, Record of Service Papers/Document, Pay statement or P60). If you are unable to send a photocopy, you can send your original documents and these will be returned with your British Veterans Recognition Card. See below if you are experiencing difficulties with finding proof of service*.

    Passport Photo: I enclose a current passport photograph, signed on the reverse. (If submitting a digital photograph, please supply the
    image at a minimum resolution of 300dpi.)

    To corroborate my photograph: I enclose a photocopy/scan of the whole page, including the picture of my EU Driving Licence or Passport.

    But i will still not pay for it.....
  12. I have these simular cards in the past. You'd be suprised at the ammount of companys that stop been a parntners, or are no longer have links, And not to put to much of a downer, but some of those firms can be beaten hands down for a discount that wont cost you a penny.

    lets face it who in there right mind wants to go to butlins?

    Tesco, asda is for pikeys