Calling all ULOTC members past and present.

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Thatone, Jul 27, 2006.

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  1. ULOTC is currently in the process of devising a third year training programe as it seems it has always been missing and those people with no command apoinment in their third year end up attending to sit on guard all evening. In some peoples cases this could be the best place for them, but in others there is possibility for more training.

    This third year training is focusing on " Personal, Education, Cultural and Military development". However, what we would like to do is to find some past ULOTCians to come and talk about what ever it is you are doing now, and how if at all OTC has helped you.

    If any of you are past ULOTC and would be interested please PM me.

  2. see pm

    woopee do post 600 :D
  3. My 3rd year involved copious amounts of sub-unit training, admin, and supporting other sub-units weekends with as much time on attachment as we could get our hands on. About a 3rd of the 3rd year were Athlone JUO/Sect Cdrs, and 1/3rd had either sub-unit or other responsibilities. Those were the day however when you had numerous "BIFF" JUO appointments like "JUO Xmas Ball", which I believe has been stripped back to the bare essentials. Agree, very little 3rd year structure until you get to camp adn are on the cadre.
  4. My mate was JUO Xmas Ball and bloody hard work it is too (especially if you are still listening to him reminising 15 years on)

  5. We have JUO Events now, who will deal with all that sort of carry-on.
    A step in the right direction I feel.
  6. I'm not suggesting it isn't hard work, my point was that I can't see it justifying a JUO position. I can't see there being any justification for anything more than:

    SUO (even that I find questionable)

    Athlone (MTQ1)
    Athlone Pl Sgts
    Sub-units x 6

    In my time we had JUO positions for:

    Mess (cdt PMC)
    Xmas Ball
    Events (other than Xmas ball)
    Shooting team
    ROTC Exchange

    and there were probably more that I don't remember. Most of them were questionable. The JUO Xmas Ball at the time was a girl who couldn't pass a BFT without bursting into tears half way round and whose SAA was so bad that if she could ever get near a range without being a danger to herself and everyone around her, she couldn't hit a barn door at 10 paces. If you were suffering a bit of blue ball cramp on a Tues night all you had to do was buy her a few drinks at Los Locos and you could guarantee you'd get your fingers wet on the edge of the dancefloor and you'd be nuts deep in an alleyway, and that was about all she was good for. All you had to do, it seemed, was turn up and express an interest in something and a JUO position would be found irrespective of whether it was needed or the post holder comptetant.

    By the end of the year when exams were taking their toll there were more JOUs parading than OCdts on a Tues night.

    It seemed to me that there was very little thought given to prepapring (seriously) a transition to the regular army or the TA other than the 3rd year cadre on camp. I know a couple of guys who have gone on to TA commissions straight after their time in the OTC and felt out of their depth. The expectation with the units are that they are getting someone with 3 years training polished off by the TACC and having had a "command appointment" in the OTC come already schooled in Troop level admin. What they get is a green 2 Lt who hasn't got a clue about running a troop in a TA unit but can organise a good pi*s up from mess funds. Equally the YO has never been exposed to some of the pressures of TA troop commanders where OCs/COs pay close attention to attendance, turnover, and recruitment stats, MTDs, et al that you JUO has never had to get his/her head around. You can't teach a cultural difference like that in a 2 week long troopies Cse.

    If an MTQ3 programme were to serve any effective purpose it would be best served to identify potential TA candidates and start to educate and integrate them into the (mainstream) TA by a graduated series of attachments and training on the *actual* role and responsibilities so that they hit TACC and the troop cdrs cses prepapred to face the G1 issues of soldiers and NCOs with x years experience (and no time propping up a student/OTC bar and the niceties of that lifestyle) they will be presented with.
  7. JUO Contingent Affairs - a fine item to put on your CV. Sadly dropped from the orbat in the appointment cull of 1997(?)
  8. The new set up is as follows:
    JUO A Coy
    Pl JUO x4
    Sect Comds x12
    JUO B Coy
    JUO Combat
    JUO Combat Support
    JUO Combat Service Support
    JUO C Coy

    JUO PT
    JUO Events
    JUO Shooting

    I think that's it...