Calling all those who have an IT or cellular background

Cellular communications is changing, and needs new people to fit this dynamic role.

if you feel you could fit any of these roles drop me a line

locations are reading, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester etc

these are multiple roles. If anyone is successfull there is a bounty that will be paid on success or completion of 3 months or more. (I am not interested in the bounty) however I am sure it could go to a good cause on here.

if you have any questions dont hesitate in getting in touch

ATM Engineer
RAN Datafill Engineer
Transmission / Circuiting Engineer
Access Transmission Design Engineer
RAN Configuration Engineer
Stock Control Co-Ordinator
Systems Reporting Administrator
Card Support Engineer
Flexi Engineer mokia
RAN Field Trials Engineer
Senior Radio Platform Engineer
Radio Quality Engineer
RNC Planning Engineer
Capacity Engineer
Optimisation Engineer
Performance Engineer
Transmission Planner
3G performance Systems Modelling Engineer
3G Network reporting Sysetm Platform Engineer
Ethernet Controller
Its actually working for Ericsson via one of there 3rd party suppliers (using Nokia WCDMA) etc

its a RAN share (the combining of 2 networks over one set of infrastructure) its the worlds first. Plenty of work at least 12-18 months plus..

Rates vary from Perm salary to Contract (approx 200 a day)


Rattler, these E/// positions have been doing the rounds with the agencies for a few weeks now and they can't fill them at those rates. The agencies are offering 275 pounds when rates in Europe are running at around 450 Euros per day.

At 200 per day, after covering overheads, you will end up working for peanuts so I doubt you'll get many people applying with the required skills.


Oh and the first Multi Operator RAN network was built by Vodafone and Optus in Australia back in 2005, so nothing new. ;)
Cheers OS, the issue is however, if these roles dont get filled by UK type folk, the company in question goes back to its own country of origin and fills them with a cheaper sources. the other agencies in question are no longer running with this, as they have been squeezed out. I think becuase of the curent climate they can dictate the price.

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